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They're asking a lot of us to get in and out of it. So take us through game one here, jonesy. 14 goals total, including the empty netter. You know, as The Rain I talked about earlier in the podcast, I found myself, and I'm not this season Wiley old hockey guy, but I found myself at one point in the third period going, okay, this isn't playoff hockey. Like, what are we doing here? But from an American broadcast perspective on TNT, I mean, are you just loving it? 14 goals, lack of defense, four goalies in and out. All the shenanigans of that night? Yeah, it was a really crazy game. And you know, I think we're used to playoff hockey and tight checking, especially when you get to the Conference Finals. So it was a little bit surprising from that regard, but when you look at the two teams, that's how they're built. They're built to go. The game never seemed safe, even when it was 7 four is still felt like or 7 three is still felt like Edmonton would have a chance to come back. They never looked panicked on the bench. They never looked tired, which was surprising to me with the altitude, but I guess maybe playing against Calgary in the previous round gave them some benefit with the altitude there as well. But no, for an American audience, it's great. Fans want goals. They want to see the star players the star players all picked up points in the game confidence is not going to be an issue. The storylines aren't going to be about lack of production by any other particular stars that are being featured, including McDavid and McKinnon. So all of those pressures that can mount during a season are series have already been alleviated. So I think it's going to mean more goals. I think it's going to be more crazy games and the goaltender's aren't going to be feeling very confident by the end of this series. Jonesy, I wondered, I mentioned to Drake's earlier and I wonder if you felt it because you're standing right there. You remember when you played those games and there's almost like a tidal wave of something, either a lot of turnovers or a lot of goals or in the day, a lot of fights or whatever. There's like this tidal wave that goes through the game and you can't stop. The coaches are trying. You had the players and it just doesn't stop. Is that what it felt like at all? Yeah, that's a great that's a great way to look at it. There was waves of momentum that shifted in the game throughout and both teams capitalized on that. And I will say there was a lot more urgency from Colorado and period number three as far as defending went. Jared bedner was pretty animated behind the bench and pushing his guys, you know, stay with it, recognize that you're going to give up chances against this Euler's team. And when they're down, they're going to really go for it. So I got Colorado, you know, they bent. They ended ultimately didn't break, but there's going to be moments in this series both ways that offensively they're going to be challenged. And they're going to have to find ways to manage those moments and find a way to keep pushing their game the other way because this is not going to be about defense. It's going to.

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