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Uh i just kind of at this point just feel like i want to root for my favorites like i am not the biggest fan of the film abound but i think it's beautifully shot in retail morrison this and mataka for she won the best metag raphy prize when you're from critics' circle and a couple of other critics groups i think should be the first female cinematographer averred nominated which is so crazy to me so i don't think mud downs necessarily a front runner to win you know you've got roger deakins in there for bladerunner who would finally win his first oscar which is madness i get shipped watering dunkirk but i'm really just pulling for a nomination for mud bound on that would feel like a big win for me on tuesday joined a how 'bout you what do you do you have any a reading interest in this i want to see sort of acknowledgement for dunkirk some justice for doug kirk below the line since it feels like it's going to get shut out in in the top categories uh but i i kind of lake vis pervading theme of the year which is that everyone is getting a little something dino so i don't want one film to to dominate all the technical awards as is sometimes the case and so i would love to see a shape of water here a bladerunner there and it's or spread those categories out among all the contenders richard what are you keeping an eye out for my big hope is that uh join agree would will win for fifth of grit score yeah i'll be gets nominated like i'm concerned about that yeah i mean there could be nominated of it i think that that are just bought for shape of water who won the golden globes seems like the front runner you know i just love that that score in bikers that you have it us your number one on goal to rebut yes it's it's really good and not my favorite movies a year but but my favorite score for sure it's wonderful it really sets the tone that will be so well and also you know i have to say.

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