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I was like, please. No, Saint It has is. to be broken. Pocket. My mother. My grandmother always leaving me money somewhere are pollute something on your dress up. Even a mother, you know, like they wanna give something to like a make sure you're eating take care of. Now. I'm the person that has to do that for myself. And now, I have to do it from my mother and my art because they are getting older. We are we are passing each other in in life phases. You know? And so now, we are they're handing the baton to me. And it's my responsibility to take care of them. So I do get a little fussy because I feel like a parent. I also think just seeing you with. Your your mother and your aunt. And also seeing you with your cats that you you're a nurturer, you are you fussy fucking nurture, but you are nervous. So fussy, my grandfather. Yeah, he's very fussy by the all took care of you. But I always say, I will say something that is so natural for you. Yeah. I think people would growing up people used to be scared and my grandfather because he was hiding dad. Said dad told you said, we're right hand. Yeah. But that we still use those people like they will be scared to come over our house, you know. And then when they see I'm like, I pay my grandfather. No attention. I don't think you'll understand like he was like that. And we ain't nobody paying attention. It's like the dog owner you like you have a pip. Graham by. Forget you. My mother, and I we my mother my aunt, and we stopped at Bob Evans this. I know and I'm mislaying been. Bob evan. Bob Evans, actually, they had a they have a great stew at go to Bob you got to. I mean, you gotta be a basic bitch to go there. Okay. If you feel really down and now go to Bob Evans, we'll because oh, you know, who we were with with Zeh nab because I went to go pick up. This is when they why was first bringing them to New York, and I went and stopped in guys nab at this club in DC, and we will drive a back and we stopped at Bob Evans. And this is how I knew I was a basic bit. You know, I grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. I grew up everything still basic elements. Well, it wasn't until they nab was like we were like you want to order something like, oh, no, I'm good. You know, I was like a place full of food. We she went over here. The when Lucille. They have bought the bread there. But the bread was trashed the bread. They gave us was good. But the bread I bought a peanut butter loaf and a pumpkin bread loaf, and I gave I fucked up and I gave the not Pena, but I bought a banana bread loaf, pumpkin bread loaf. And I forget which I gave, but I gave her the one that was tasty one because the one we had trash, but by that is has a great stew, a great stew with mashed potato base. That's to slam that meet a slow roasted and that Pab looking good. Yeah. Like this to all right. We got a close up for today next week at close to to have the, but I'm giving us time. 'cause we got a we got a good seven minutes for you to let us know. What's going on with you? What you got popping. I'll give them some days that's going on with me. And then let us know when you're gonna come back because with friends like. Was so so. Hey, this is Pepe Brown. I the neighbor Yemen. He came over here. My rollers in my house us. I am. I please check out my YouTube. I am posting my shows say documentary view show that in this sounds like it would be funny. But it really is is so check it out a post on Thursdays. And I want you to check it out. I want you to see it. So as comedian Pat Brown on YouTube or you can check out my website comedian, Pat, Brown dot com. Have shows coming.

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