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If, you , don't have to use using your product or talking about product or share your product. . To, , break it to you you're irrelevant, , and so that's what every single company that is targeting consumers needs to care about whether you're a fortune five hundred company or whether you're a startup are their percents that jazzy has mental. . Jansy considers anyone who is not really speaking their language or not understanding trends boomer. . It doesn't matter if you're a millennial, , it doesn't matter if your genetic doesn't matter of your boomer. . Jets. . BOOMER's anyway. . Do you think though given how personalized Z. has preferences on that? There ? is a definitive. . This is cool. . This is not cool a changes weekly so you have to keep up. . If you understand what's score not. . Really hard on the wardrobe man to. . Say that the difference between Jansy and millennials is much bigger gap than between millennials older generations I would say so because Gen Z. is the first generation that's mobile I and mobile native I totally agree millennials will say were mobile first but there's a lot of stuff that we still feel much more comfortable going to a computer to do they ticket purchases. . We still feel like we're safer on the browser for some reason whereas Jesse's do everything from their phone right? It's ? like we're we're used to that. . We're used to buy things from our phone signing documents from our full for better for worse requiring much more instant gratification. . I'd say the youtube videos even now to me feel too long if the first minute is the person apologizing and trying to be politically correct, , they just need to get to the point where the Roi has to be real. . Yeah. . If it's good content if it's entertaining content, , then boomer out and you've lost us. . When people say Okay I want to go be an influence are now before for millennials that was you became a youtube star now as A. . More desirable to be tiktok influence Sir versus Youtube. . One certain ones are clearly more easy to go viral on. . Twenty nine percent of youth in America wants to become bloggers or youtubers versus twenty three percent want to become professional athletes. . The more people want to become youtubers than athletes, , which is a massive shift on the platform that Gen Z. wants to be an influence or on tiktok seems the easiest for people because we've obviously seen Charlie demilio becoming one of the biggest influencers in under a year the conversations around the actual talks right now are like living on other platforms, , but it's Super Valuable Tiktok. Stars . are all spending time on Youtube now. . It's a natural growth phase so Are tiktok stars the new. . Youtube. Stars. . . There's a whole correlation there in the sense that if you're big on Tiktok, , the way you can really continuously build your audience status sustainable is on Youtube. . But many have not been able to be successful on Youtube. . It's more likely. . They will not be successful actually because they haven't really adapted on how to make long form content there used to making sixty second videos which doesn't translate well to Youtube. . You Wanna be making ten minute videos because that's how you monetize. . There is no. . Easy variety factor you just gotta be really good at distribution and marketing honestly especially in tech talk there so much remix name culture it's not necessarily original one, , hundred percent. . And maybe that's part of why it's hard when they translate to you to for the most part, , you have to come up with something completely people who are really really good storytellers will be able to do. . So across different mediums whether it's Tiktok whether it's you whether instagram weather's twitch I, , think the shot from video especially the stuff on Tiktok it's what's the punchline what's the actual point of the video that makes it interesting and why it's so democratizing video creations you don't need to bring light to be a good tiktok crater. . You literally just need your phone. . Yeah. . On Tiktok you get thirty seconds, , you can record it with your phone you can have whatever quality of. . Video and as a good story line, , people will watch it and people shirt or if you're adding value to the viewers life. . Young short videos are not just jokes I. . Mean, , I cringe when people say tiktok is a bunch of people dancing to music because I'm like you clearly have not use this thing. . Right there's educational stuff on it. . There's financial advice on Tiktok. . There is stuff that teaches you how to cook. . So short videos a really powerful form I think, , and it's basically getting rid of the fluff that you don't need and delivering maximum value per second. . Literally per second because you can lose the person after like three or four seconds of it's not good enough. . To your point people talk just a fun lip synching at or dancing. . APP. . And it's not it's a place where he can learn anything you ever wanted to learn. . Whether it's cars whether it's how to take photos how to model I've watched so many talk videos about videography tips and I phone tricks and all sorts of stuff, , and it's just endless amounts of short form education

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