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The first two guys and you start to think oh this is how they're gonna lose this game but yeah he's straightened it out scoreless and set it up for neil walker big hit so i i think that he neil walker was that his locker after the game and he said you know forget the walk off hit the more impressive thing is what j cole was able to do so i don't know what aj kohl's future is with the i think that the yankees are waiting until they can get out of warren and tommy canley back and then certainly that'll bolster the bullpen but you know certainly a big moment for him and this is a guy who was accounted prospect in the national organization for a while and has fallen on harder times and maybe he's getting a second second chance here with the yankees o'brien this a pleasant pro problem for the yankees but what happens when jury kane lee warren bird at montgomery all come back that's a lot of names i don't know how all those fit into twenty five i wasn't really good at math thirty doesn't fit in a twenty five so somebody's going to have to go at some point here i think he just take it one at a time the first one back will probably be kinda canley he'll join the team if everything goes well they're targeting the series when the yankees will be in texas next week so that's on the horizon here warren we'll be a little behind him and then you gotta start get bird back through is still a question mark you know he's still experiencing these migraine and blurred vision symptoms you get the feeling that the yankees don't wanna bring him back unless it's absolutely one hundred percent and hers actually played pretty well at third base i know the bad is cooled off a little bit after he was driving the ball seemed like he was getting an extra base hit every time up but i think pitchers have adjusted dami starting to make some adjustments act so think they're pretty satisfied based as far as andrew harr goes i think.

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