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Cale Anderson Park, Seattle Department Of Transportation And Seattle discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


To wear facemasks. Okay, we're gonna go inside to complete our discussion. Those who are those who are many of the hecklers were angry about widespread business closures in Richland, Pascoe and Kennewick. They're in phase one still Single day, New Corona virus cases reported in our state hit a high we haven't seen for a while. Nearly 600 close to 33,000 people have now tested positive. More than 1300 have died. No word from the city of Seattle on why it is not cleaning up Capitol Hill's Cale Anderson Park is planned car radios Nicole Jennings describes the scene. Parks and Recreation said it was closing Cale Anderson Park at noon today to clean up trash and assess damage. But while the baseball field is largely empty, dozens of tents still remain through the rest of the park, and people don't appear to be vacating the area. So far, they're also haven't been any parks and rec staffers cleaning up litter. As far as I've seen, the Seattle Department of Transportation did remove the concrete barriers at 10th and pine this morning. All that remains of that barricade or a couple of trash cans and a table. Concrete barriers are still in place further up at 11th and pine overcast

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