Seattle Police Break Up CHOP Area Ahead Of Budget Meeting


Of of violent violent incidents incidents in in the the Capitol Capitol Hill Hill protest protest zone. zone. Led Led to to Seattle Seattle Mayor Mayor Jenny Jenny Durkan Durkan this this morning morning to to order order police police to break up the protest. Let's get the latest live from the scene. Here's Cuomo's Corwin. Hey, KD. And just moments ago, police chief Carmen Best told US jerk and gave her the order to sweep out shop early this morning Thiss order and our police response. Comes after weeks of violence in and around the capital Hill occupied protest zone, including multiple shootings, resulting in many injuries and two deaths. Death of two teenagers at this point we've had at least 13 arrest. Now the eviction itself began just after five this morning citizen journalists, Omari Salisbury was on hand. He described it to me to say, declared illegal assembly and gave order this first. For about 10 minutes. They sat there asking people to move. The police started moving five foot at a time. You know, like we see a lot here, the move back, move back. Now there were raised voices. Otherwise, the eviction of chop was largely peaceful. Now I have heard unconfirmed reports that at one point pepper spray was deployed, perhaps even a rubber bullet fired. I don't know that for sure. That's what the witnesses told me. So we'll see what happens next. We have our upcoming later this morning a list of demands from protestors What they want to see happen next. It's possible that this entire group if they don't return to chop, they moved this protest elsewhere in the city Live on Capitol Hill, Corwin Hate almost Matt Markovich has been covering the police response to all of this since it began last month, and we asked him this morning why he thinks that police department decided to finally move him Today. Today is a very important day for the defunding of the Seattle Police Department. The Budget committee is going to meet this afternoon is the third session about how did to fund the Police Department. They look at a $300 million deficit for the budget, so there might be some political overtones here about the timing of why it happened today because of discussions the City Council is going to have this afternoon that just one idea why the timing of it, protesters on Capitol Hill say recent violence within it, shop would have happened. Even if chop didn't exist. It's not happening here, it would have happened elsewhere. This just kind of the epicenter of where people are coming to this point, right? That's protester Tafari Maynard. Two teenagers were shot to death within shop over the past 12 days, including a 16 year old boy who died Monday. Protesters say they'll present an updated list of demands later today,

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