Several MLB players opt out of 2020 season over virus, Philadelphia Phillies to test all players


Of the biggest and most important news Corona virus aside. Focusing specifically on sports, probably in the next several weeks has to do with the Philadelphia Phillies. Yes, this week. Every player is being tested for Corona virus camp can get underway, possibly as early as this Friday. Some players who have already taken the test if the results come back early enough can work out at Citizens Bank Park as soon as tomorrow. I have something positive to say before I hold a phone place legitimate alert O R. Johnson, If you're home right now, alert Delaware Valley Yon Johnson. Can I going to say something? Positive. Well, it comes with a disclaimer. I have something positive to say before I place the general manager the Phillies on a rocket and send him into the positive news is that the Phillies announced They're going to pay all of their minor leaguers through the minor league season, of which there is no minor league season. So kudos to ownership for doing the right thing. They haven't no other. I don't think any other professional team in baseball has announced such a thing yet, but the Phillies are going to pay their minor leaguer, so kudos to

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