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And MLS number. Police say the man who killed three people at mercy hospital fired his handgun at least thirty times before he fatally shot himself. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the gunman one Lopez spotted police and ran inside mercy hospital after he had fatally shot his ex fiancee. Doctor Tamara O'neil in the parking lot once inside the hospital. Lopez shot pharmacy resident Dana less. She exited. An elevator. Lopez and exchanged gunfire with police and killed officer. Samuel Jimenez Guglielmi says officer shot Lopez in the chest. But that he then shot himself in the head with a handgun. He says Lopez was carrying only one gun and that he reloaded the weapon and fired it at least thirty times. President Trump submitted written answers to questions from special counsel, Robert Muller related to the investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia correspondent Caitlyn Collins with more on that from Washington these questions only pertained to Russian interference in the election and. What about Russian any Russian contact with the Russians from the president's associates and not anything about the president's time as president no questions out, obstruction of Justice or any of that matter. So that's the question here is what happens going forward. Now that they've submitted these questions and in the president's legal teams is in the president's is it's time for this investigation to come to an while. The president follows up his decision absolving the Saudi royals from the murder of a journalist with praise for the kingdom. Bob Costantini has more on the president's message from Florida where he is spending this thanksgiving weekend a day after President Trump decided he would not take action to jeopardize the US Saudi relationship, particularly with respect to crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, Mr. Trump is tweeting out a thank you of sorts oil prices getting lower great like a big tax cut for America in the world. Enjoy thank you to Saudi Arabia. But let's go lower fear of higher. Oil prices was among the reasons the president gave for not holding the Royal family accountable for the murder of dissident journalist in Washington Post contributor, Jim. Cook. She others were the Saudis investments in the US purchase of defence equipment and as a check against Iran. Bob Costantini, Washington. Public health officials report that to Illinois residents are among nearly three dozen people affected by strain of E coli bacteria. That's been found now in Romain lettuce. Rod mcteer with department of public health reported on data from the federal centers for disease control and prevention, the CDC reports that thirty two people in eleven states and in two Canadian provinces have been infected with the same strain of e-coli officials are advising consumers not to eat Romain lettuce and restaurants and retailers not to serve or sell any people with Romain lettuce in their homes should throw it away. Even if some of it has been eaten, and no one has become sick. This includes whole heads of romaine Hart's of romaine and packages of pre cut lettuce and mixes that contain Romain lettuce. Rob martier WLS AM. Eight ninety news WLS news time ten oh. Four the Kennedy O'Hare. Downtown twenty eight.

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