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Padres now can't lose burst back Belk Winstons June thirteenth How about that but they did all right versus. The cubs, still. In recent days This would? Have been nice right after oh the fifth or sixth of June Four or five odyssey we always Padre, fan no matter what little tougher when big win like that over. The brewers still eighteen and a half, out, and the broker is no slouch No no no they had some miscues last night in poverty took advantage, of but one two in a row so that just feels good Not as good as, soloing airplanes wanting but feels all. Right you've reached your quota All. The talk, about this Collins, guy Christopher Collins congressman Collins a Republican now who's well they, still, he still, is but they want these investigation the same people who look. At say Maxine Waters Or the old Charlie Rangel the, only people who, managed to get very very rich. And this is a bunch of scumbag it is. Not Maxine but she does sound like the actress, Doris Roberts, sometimes though into endorse Robert. Says we, can't have and, this is why we can't we can't have nice little bit, the, same cadence But there's. Another one Bob Menendez I'd only went to trial but he, got hearing that guy's name makes. My skin, crawl so. Some of these same people are out there this is Nancy. Pelosi Pelosi says today the charges against congressman Collins, show, the rampant culture. Of corruption and self enrichment she's, doing very well among Republicans in Washington today, the ethics committee must, accelerate its? Own investigation into. Congressman Collins illegal abuse of the public trust Getty privilege just tweeted, it appears fancy, Pelosi needs a reminder who Maxine Waters is I just. Happen to remind you who she is Tim Graham is. Here he understands double standards in it's it's, amusing if, it wasn't so well pervasive and unfortunately. It's affective isn't it, maybe not anymore but this sort of. Thing like look Republican who who's allegedly corrupt, why we must, and and then they take this. To the next level you have examples on news Busters there were executive editor and saying things, like well this, indicates how corrupt the GOP because you know the really. Rich guy is the president Yeah They wanna make corruption in issue. Now and, obviously when Clinton was, president it was not an. Issue it was a. Diversion It was a diversion from the. Real issues you remember the Clintons would. Always run around and say they don't. Wanna talk about you and what, you need they just wanna. Talk about my Daltry So I mean I look it's we certainly don't want, members. Of congress, who are, enriching, themselves with insider trading that's that's why you should have an ethics committee and ethics committee shouldn't be a bunch of rubber, stampers to say all of your behaviors fine but yeah I mean obviously one of the ways we, really see a dramatic liberal bias in any year is. On the issue of ethics and scandals They really demonstrate, depending. On whose, ox is, being gored whether we have corruption that has to be rooted out or whether you people should all go home and shut up So it's just. Another day, at the office for some of these in the usual spots, MSNBC CNN what have you in the cheering, that you get from the gallery in so. Many cases so obvious it's very obvious yesterday in the run-up to. These key elections these off season elections and Ohio in, particular? We're now they're making a big deal about there's a recount it's that close to. Republican doesn't have it yet what's a mandatory recount it's, in their law in Ohio right so the guy Republican endorsed by Trump another Trump endorsed candidate who pulls it off The fifteen hundred I guess something like. That is the vote margin but they have to do a mandated. It's being spun as you know Tim some of these, networks? As if that means obviously he didn't really win that's why they do the recount Well the the the the screen graphic most. Of the morning on CNN was Ohio race too close, to call in my experience and my middle. Age, seventeen hundred, and, fifty votes which is what it was this morning anyway Not, too close to call it's it's it's not over until all count votes, are counted but we we, only have to go back a few months To win a democrat named. CONNER, lamb wanna a house race. In Pennsylvania by six hundred. Votes do. You know what they said it. Didn't say too, close to, call that day no it said democrat claims victory Or declares victory And so that shows. You the spin it's we don't wanna come on and say, the reality here which is Democrats have lost a majority of special elections in the cycle Well what is that it's like five or, six they've lost I mean, look you could be really encouraged in some of the stats and but every one of, these, house races, that they've poured, all their money into and then the Republicans poor there are a lot money into then, they lose it by two thousand votes. And say see moral victory a moral victory a series of moral victory is not going to get you a house majority right well Shows are we to. Think now in the middle of all this if you're let's say in the decision room in the war room at MSNBC do you go for the less talk more about the Manafort. Stuff as that? Trial goes on to you. You continue. To obsess, over, supposedly Trump changing a position which he really didn't on, what the meeting was about at Trump Tower or do you go to the all, corruption all the time now, it's certainly not the Blue Wave the Bluewave is like a little nose running a little, little, bit of, spittle or something's, not exactly a su- NAMI again and Trump's endorsements that appear to be that they're. Working Well it would appear see again this is one of those things where you would say The here is that Republicans aren't doing. As, well as they should according, to Democrats were trying to make sure they look bad They're still this morning running around forecast, in the Democrats will gain forty seats, or the Democrats will gain sixty seats they're definitely definitely still running, around saying Blue Wave but I think that to some degree what's going on here is what, goes on in every election cycle which, it seems like our so called objective news media gets. Up, in the morning and says how do we keep, our democratic, donors highly motivated and energized, and happy because it doesn't reflect again a series of, moral victories does not make victories and that's that's the problem they've got and and everybody can. See, through the spin on this you know the Chiron. Today just a, few minutes ago, on CNN was, uphill climb for GOP well they're still majority hate to break it to you and of course in, the? Senate, as we know the Democrats. Are defending a lot more seats than the Republicans are well who, had a steep hill right well Don lemon who was excited Watching CNN last night, and to be fair I've seen some, of this when they say oh look Fox News is. On, the FOX people point that but this seemed to, be a, little more than you usually, sees this is into the Ohio twelfth district a nail, biter the one we were talking about there with the Republican is far enough ahead that they. Have, the mandated recounts here's Don lemon just feeling good. When we get, to the headquarters, of the democratic, candidate Danny O'Connor and none other than Rebecca Berg is.

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