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It really is a matter of life or death Man is dead after a shooting involving an off duty police officer in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood, WGN's Jenna Barnes. Reports from the Southwest Sauce is 5600 block of Nottingham in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood. And police have much of this block taped off as they investigate what happened here. Police tell us Ah, homeowner on this street shot and killed a 23 year old man inside the house here. We're told. This is a domestic incident that involves an off duty Chicago police officer. It happened just before two o'clock this morning, and police are now out here investigating. We're working to learn what led up to the shooting and who might be involved. People are dead after a shooting in beach Park it happen. Did about 9 30 last night and 100, then Wadsworth Road. Lake County Authorities say they found a man and a woman in the garage of the home with gunshot wounds. Officers attempted to save them, but the victims died. No one is in custody. Police are still investigating. Two people reportedly shot while driving and Gary last night. What followed was a five car crash. Their vehicle plowed into several parked cars near 23rd and Grant No word on the conditions of the two shooting victims. Gary Police have not said if anyone is in custody. Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability is reviewing a personnel matter involving one of its employees who was arrested yesterday for alleged involvement in looting in the loop in August. Here's WGN's David Jennings with more. The Tribune reports deluding happened at the Macy's store in the loop on August 10 the day when hundreds ran through downtown, ransacking stores. Goba employee was arrested by CPD s fugitive apprehension sanction Tuesday morning and released without charges Tuesday afternoon. So far, CBD is not explained why the Koba employee was released without any charges at all. David Jennings, WGN new woman faces a serious of charges after police say she hit an officer with her car, then dragged him in river North. Police tried to pull over Jasmine Smith Monday afternoon in the 700 block of North state. Say when she was asked for her license and registration. She took off. The officer was dragged for about a block and taken to the hospital with a knee injury. She was arrested shortly later. More people are turning to places like the Greater Chicago food Depository. As the pandemic takes an effect on the economy, charities and food banks are seeing an increase in demand is more Chicagoans face food insecurity. Unemployment benefits in a moratorium on evictions expire at the end of the month. So there's a worried it. Some Chicagoans may not get much needed Aid. Greg Trotter is with the Food Depository and Steve Wiley is with the Pilsen food pantry. It's the likes of which we haven't seen in our 41 year history. It's tired. For sure. I've been here for about five months, and the lines do not get smaller, The greater Chicago food depositories asking for donations and more volunteers and.

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