On the Table Gaming Episode 83: Professional Tips for How to Start Making Content for ASOIAF TMG with Chris Tran


Hates Chase them on the table gaming and welcome back to the table gaming podcast and today we're talking about how to get started with making content for games like song of ice and fire the miniatures game now rather than me talk about how I bubbled through like the past few years, trying to figure things out on my own. We're actually joined by professional videographer with twelve years of experience. Now you might know his youtube channel Sunday slaughter where he makes some of the best song of ice and fire battle reports, so make sure you check out Sunday slaughter on Youtube, and you might also from discord where he goes by the title of Bolton Skincare Inc.. With that being said Chris Welcome to the PODCAST. Thanks for having me on. This is an honor. I list now your podcast. I've seen on your video, so it's it really is a treat to beer or I'm actually really excited to talk to you because now get a professionals opinion in some tips so before we get into the the the content creation side of things I'm. Let's let's talk about just gaming. So how did you find your way to tabletop war gaming? In general, it's it's actually a funny story. I'm a late bloomer. I didn't really discover tabletop gaming or gaming board. Games in general actually. Ugly later in life, but let's say two years ago. When I played by first serious or game, it was actually the the game of thrones like fantasy flight game where you choose a house or your nice get. Over over the. So you jumped in with that and you stuck with that the kind of a deep in the deep end of the pool here. Yeah, yeah, it was you know I. Don Right in and how I got into a song of ice and fire is. I sister was looking for a Christmas gift for me. She went to a game shop and she actually saw that the store was selling white. The set with all the hand of King exclusives and stuff like that and. And actually sat on my show for a good six months because. I. Know know if there's really a community for it, I remember seeing some stuff about the kickstarter online, but. Eventually, I was like Okay I. WanNa finally try this game. I went on facebook in saw that one of my local game shops was having a beginner's tournament. And, that's how I met. He community that we have I think. You have maximum Boban a couple of years ago and It was, it was mainly because Dan Bay, they talk in the game and. Looked after that I won't hold it against you I know you're friends with as they referred to him as Lord Commander Bob. He's a dastardly night's watch player What what is your action at the moment? What are you playing? League! Well I will. I will start off saying that. When I did stop into the shop I talked to. Maximum came in I had the starter set. But you know what what faction do you think would would be a good one for me to play? And he said you know whatever you think looks the coolest I appreciated that because. I was like if I'm going to spend the time to painting army, you know I'm I wanNA. Thank the one that's cool is so. I saw the flame man. I'm GONNA play all bulletins. That's what I'm GONNA do. This was maybe a week before they got their second nurse. Bombed about that, but I I I've been playing neutrals and actually came across the night's watch starter said and. Wasn't. Yeah, I've been I've been dabbling with with nights watches well. Fair enough fair enough, but I think that's good advice. Go with the stuff that you think is cool because you put such a big investment in this type of game into the unit, you're playing with an honestly like you know changes. Come and go and things rise and fall and. Sometimes. There's more fun making something that people don't see as optimize work, and and still being scout the window with it. Exactly exactly I'm actually curious to know how how you came across the free full. Why you why? You were you like them, so oh my gosh, I just think the I traditionally. Don't play sort of style army, so it's actually nothing to do with the style of play. I think when the game first came out. I found I often had to play Lancaster's When you play people, everyone wants to play starbucks. That was like the big the big faction. They want hell, dire wolves, and all the the sort of this thematic as well, and it turned out. That's super helpful to learn to play the game in the beginning as Lancaster's. Because with just surpremacy premacy was kind of forgiving you go up there and your little blocking move forward I got char's stoops, but I'm tough enough to survive it, and so when I was playing that for a while and then when the the free folk were announced just the idea of I I love the sort of underdog. Idea and I know free folk are strong and you know. This is maybe controversial, but they've always been strong Razek Marker up. One was at a depth con when they first came out with just the starter box found to starter boxes and put them together, but it's only about like the free folk raiders, being kind of like chaff units, and then having cool things like giants, and there's tons of beards, and they've got the spear wives are so cool and it just like it was a theme thing entirely, and you know I just tried to fit this round. Peg into a square hole, burning how to play it, and it was greatly painful. I've recounted many times the past, but going up to my first tournament I bought two starter sets, and it was like I got him on. Friday and I think Sunday event. So I tried to paint as much as I could, and I drove up, wait my pulled them out, and we started playing tournament and I just got crushed and I was like there was a deserter units running through me. It was It was exciting to say the least.

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