Fearlessness As Health | Guided Meditation


Step into exceptional health today on the House Meditations Podcast, but Dr Albert Silvio a medical anthropologist and Shaman Healer. Dr Field Teachers is how to strengthen our immune system with specific breathing, pattern and meditation. Fear keeps US locked into an old brain. And this is the brain of fighter flight so as fight, flight or freeze. And, so many of us are frozen in place today. When we become frozen, we get paralyzed and our immune system is frozen. We cannot. Practice exceptional health now. Everybody's waiting for the vaccine for the great breakthrough. We're discovering that one of the things that happens with the covid nineteen is that their blood clots that happened in the body, and it causes problems in the heart and other organs in the body so blood thinners are really important. We'll that's waiting for the magical medical bullet to come and solve our problems. and. That's not going to happen. You know we have to use strategies that we know work which is. Practising exceptional health creating health becoming resilient, being sure you have the nutrients that you need, so you have exceptional and optimal repair and healing in your body. So we need to take this opportunity today to step into extraordinary health, don't stay at home waiting for the mayor of medical miracle. Ditch your body strong. Get healthy show. You Sleep, well. Be Sure you practice meditation to reset your fight or flight. Be sure that you're getting the nutrients you need for me. It created exceptional health a day to day practice, and it begins with sleep making sure you're sleeping well, getting good sleep and rest. And second you want to reset your fight or flight system. because. This is an ancient fear programming brand. And it keeps US frozen and I'd like to share an exercise that we can use to do that that it that uses the. Breathing his on Onomic Sonata onomic function for for humans for the human animal, but not for every animal, so we cannot stop breathing, but dolphins cam dolphins don't have breathing programmed Sonata onomic function in their brain, so they have to take a breath. And then we had to take another breasts and decide to do that so if they're not happy. In the amusement park, dolphins have been known to go to the deep end of the pool. Settle at the bottom and decide to stop breathing the but the breath isten interface between our voluntary and involuntary responses are nervous system. So, we can reset fighter flight with the sale. On the NFL, we actually Glock in fighter flight when we get scared go. So it's the exhale. There were able to come back to our Auburn A-M-A-C nervous system and appear sympathetic and our relaxation response. So folks stay with me as we do this name hailing two out of three. Next failing to account of five. Inhaling two three. Two Three? Two Five. Two three. Four, Five. Inhaling two three one. Two. Three and Posse at the top of the breath for a moment. And exhaling two five. Two, Three four. Five in passing at the bottom of the breath. Inhale into three. Two. Three imposing. For an instant that the top the breasts. And sailing to five. Two. Three. Four. Five posse at the bottom for an instant. Inhaling three one. Two. Three. And pausing at the very top. Excelling the five two. Three? Four Five. Taking, a normal deep breast! And you can use. It is anytime during the day. I practice it ten times during the day. Because every time I read the news, my old brain, my ancient meander thaw limbic brain can't tell if the barbarians the village gates, or there's just a war happening at the other side of the world. So, we need to reset that old brain. Into Into the deeply restful state that's going to allow us to access are higher brain. which is hired reign of interconnectedness where we understand that we are truly one. There were Inter connected with the rivers and the trees. And the whales and the Eagles and each other and the virus. Because for the! Shaman. Remember that there's no difference between being killed. By a bacteria or virus? And being killed by Jaguar. For us in the West being killed by a parasite or viruses is illness. And getting being killed by Jaguars and accident. But for the Shaman, the wizards of old, which is what I have trained in. There the same. You need to be a right relationship with all of life.

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