President Trump, Carl Reiner And Andrew Jack Whitaker discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Publication of a book penned by President Trump's niece. The judge imposed a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks President Trump's niece from publishing her forthcoming book. At the end of July. The judge told the parties to submit papers so he could decide whether the orders should be permanent. Trump family celebrated the ruling and called the book truly reprehensible. Mary Trump, though vowed to appeal, her attorney said in a statement. The book addresses matters of great public concern about a sitting president in an election year and should not be suppressed. ABC is Aaron Carter Ski Comic genius. Carl Reiner passed away at the age of 98. Carl Reiner gained fame in the 19 fifties on TV and Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows In the early sixties, Reiner and Mel Brooks teamed up in the 2000 year old man, What was your Diet? Like What God meant like what Clouds stars plainer created a television classic, shown and writer once said, was about me. But anytime somebody writes about themselves, they're writing about everybody. Reiner directed the box office hit God, starring George Burns and Co. Wrote and directed four films with Steve Martin, including The Jerk and All of Me, asked about being remembered for his work. Very, very gratifying. Bill Diehl ABC News. We've also learned of the death of Andrew Jack Whitaker. He want a record $315 million Powerball jackpot on Christmas night, 2002 Setbacks and tragedy would follow. Jack Whitaker was 72. This is ABC News.

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