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Pearl harbor hawaii tragic memories of a new york city bike path truck attack stillfresh five days after eight people were killed eleven injured authorities were stepping up security ahead of the annual new york city marathon tomorrow cbs news correspondent wendy gillett local state and federal law enforcement will be out in force sunday to keep more than fifty thousand runners and as many as two and a half million spectators say at the new york city marathon cranes tunnels bridges airports you'll see an increased presence of law enforcement it all goes well gauges the nypd is deploying extra k9 units undercover officers and snipers during the race that winds through all five of the city's boroughs wendy gillette cbs news new york former dnc had donna brazile in a forthcoming book says she seriously considered replacing hillary clinton with then vice president joe biden cbs political director steve trigger a says there is nothing in the bylaws of the democratic national committee at least by what they were running on last year but chairman has the power to do that the clinton team says the brazil statement is a shock is troubling eased puzzling current dnc chair tom perez says even the perception of impartiality or an unfair advantage undermines our ability to win he says that's not acceptable as republicans continue to sell their plan to rewrite the tax code bloomberg white house correspondent shannon petty peace previews how the proposal drawn up in the house and the planned there might flare in the senate when i talk to people on the hell they thought health care with hard wait till you see tax reform because tax reform attaching every ins and factor of the us economy there are enormous special interests here going up for auction rocker neil young is sowing part of his lima muddled train collection more than two hundred thirty items known as a passion muddled train enthusiasts he said his collection started more than twenty years ago as way of connecting with his son ben who has cerebral palsy this is cbs news news talks centerton weather skies over denver will be partly cloudy this saturday night in it's going to be.

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