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And welcome to another episode of this boom podcast my name is chris albrecht and i am your host and we have a special treat for you today because we're talking about robots everybody loves robots and we have not one but two special panelists on this first off we have seen a brewster she's a science and tech writer and she writes for the wire cutter but she's also been writing about robots for a long time i used to co host a podcast with her that was all about artificial intelligence and robots seen a welcome to the show thanks good to be back yeah it's always fun to chat with you about robots and as special guest we have mike wolf founder editor in chief master of all things at the spooned tech in a smart kitchen summit welcome to i guess your own show here mike yeah i have yet to replace myself with the robot working on how can we be so sure you don't know thio i don't actually the every on the raw on on the internet i'm learning everybody's some kind of bought a robot but that's a good way to kick off our conversation seena you've been covering the robot space for a long time and we've had discussions about what is a robot is a dishwasher a robot is a you know this everybody thinks of like a bipedal thinking the you know a rosy the robot kind of thing but i want you to give me a baseline right now given the all the research it's going on what a robots really good at right now and wrote a robots not so good at right now it i think it really depends on industry but to make it pretty bribed robots are really good at repetitive tasks which works settle out for food as far as you know like harvesting something or making the same thing over and over and over again robots are getting better and better at thinking on their own but that still the area that we're really working on robots that you know can look at a complicated situation and figure out what to do on its own instead of just you know tackling.

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