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Do to ensure the people of Arizona? That we're working on a path to save Livelihood Tze. What is the plan to save livelihoods? Those would be my three major questions that I would ask the governor. That's what I would ask him. What about you? Steve? What would you would you have one? Do you have a recommendation for a question? Yeah, it's less important than those. But I would ask about the Arizona Republican Party and Congressman Andy Biggs have been on a what would you call it a tweet campaign to hashtag unmask Arizona. Andy Biggs told Jim Sharp on Arizona's morning news was that yesterday or two days ago that masks are proven to not help, which is the exact opposite of what we hear from the health Department. I would be interested in hearing from both Dr Krist on the effectiveness of master how she feels about those statements coming from a congressman and then also, I'd like to hear from governor do see about his reaction to his own party. In Arizona, basically going the exact opposite direction that he is. He's all about mask up Arizona there trying to unmask Arizona. Yeah, and and that's and and it's interesting to see the groups of people that have normally been very, very supportive of the governor. On most things when you're looking at some of the legislators that are talking about reopening Arizona and then, of course. Ah, very conservative Congressman like Biggs being opposed any calling this governor out for the masked bandits? Yeah, And I understand, especially Republicans like bigs who are opposed to the shutdown orders. Maybe they're opposed to do see keeping bar's closed longer than maybe he needed to. I would get that argument. But for Biggs to come out and say masks do not work, which is the exact opposite of what the health community is saying. I just want to know where the discrepancy is. Yeah, I don't I think that's a good question. You know, you've got very you got people that are very close to you in a bit on your side on many things now being critical of your max mask mandates, and there's two separate things there, you know. One is the mandate. Can the Governor Governor force you to do it versus someone saying you shouldn't do it at all? That's two separate things right? And I feel that Biggs is trying to make both arguments at the same time, and one of them's a losing argument. My opinion The fact that they don't work is just a losing argument. Yeah, and I wonder your It's a fair question, because I wonder what conversations are going on behind the scenes. This goes back to my communication comments that I've made throughout this restart of our economy. As sluggish as it's been a stop and go is it's been Mike. My criticism has been this. I can't criticize to the governor for the decisions he makes. I believe he's making the best decisions in his mind for the state of Arizona. Whether I agree with his decisions or not, is a different story. But I do believe he has the best interest of the state in mind when he makes the decision. My criticism has been about communication. He didn't speak last week. He's speaking at one o'clock today. Finally. But where is the messaging about reopening and re establishing our economy? I think that is such an important statement to make and what's great about this is unlike the mask mandates and how we were going to shut down what we didn't know about covert 19 where there was a lot of questions of whether or not that's the right thing or the right way to do things because nobody knew When it comes to the economy and building an economy, People trust him. That is his wheelhouse. Will he come out and say we are working on a plan to deliver Arizona out of the hole? We're in. It's not gonna be easy. It's going to take time. But we're working on a plan with the most brilliant minds in the state to re establish this great economy and get back on track. Man. I hope that's what happens today. In some regard. In addition to the school's What about getting the schools opened coming up? Just after 10 o'clock President Trump talks to Bob Woodward and says, I downplayed.

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