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Getting every week on Three hundred one area code I'm wildcard, Wednesday, year, wins a, requesting, the theme. From the wild wild? West hey remember that great movie that they did with Kevin Kline and Will Smith Wild wild west Kenneth Branagh was the villain Got to see Salma Hayek but that. Was the, best. Part of the whole movie I went okay. This, is this. Is worth the two hours Welcome back. Everybody Nick to Gilio here on? Seven twenty WGN we're talking about unusual cookbook? Celebrity cookbooks as well. It's the Tucci table available yes it is and what. Year is it from does it say what it was publicly, fourteen also it's pretty recent then he also has the. Tucci cookbook, from. Twenty twelve so two cookbooks for Stanley Tucci I'm going to get them both Just because. The big night I completely forgot, he was in Julia Julia though and he is. And he was great in it How about this one Morgan Freeman and friends Caribbean cooking for a. Cause by Morgan Freeman now here's, the thing I, would want that on audio book With Him. Narrating that's how you'd have to get it Dow's lesson onion Sidley That was my Morgan Freeman by, the way I thought. He had walked in almost as good as Josh Robert Thompson This cookbook was created in order to help relief efforts for the devastating hurricanes in. Grenada, in two. Thousand four this cookbook combines a whole bunch. Of celebrities their favorite recipes and tales of island life oh, that's cool And then finally cooking with Regis. And, Kathie Lee This is the title this is the actual title cooking with Regis and Kathie Lee. Quick. And easy recipes, from America's? Favorite TV personalities wow a little presumptuous aren't we Yes reaches Kathy. Lee co authored a. Cookbook together there are dozens of recipes by celebrities and celebrity chefs who appear on their morning show oh so. They, collected a bunch. Of celebrity Cookbooks or cookbook cookbooks they collected a bunch of cookbooks and. Handed, them out to everybody here's a cookbook All right How about this unlikely? Celebrity cookbooks, Liberace cooks not now come. On now He, would have, to full on deep Ling Could you imagine him like making some pizza, dough or something losing five rings in it The pizza dough gets stuck in one of the chandeliers chandelier in the kitchen He cooked by candelabra light now there's no no power just can't he cooks on. Campbell's set, of a set of instead of just. Thinking piano shaped stove oven oh yeah that would be, that would be. Working the famously flamboyant pianist and showman did indeed have seven seven dining rooms Have seven dining rooms each. Lavishly appointed to accommodate occasion such as. Buffets banquets late night dinners and cookouts not known for doing anything halfway Liberace approached meals and. Cooking with, the same passion he felt for music. Oh man this is the pictures in this thing have, to be classic Liberace cooks I mean that's. Gotta be that's. Gotta be it's gotta be a completely. Ridiculous cookbook And if it's if it's as flamboyant You know if if the cooking is as flamboyant as Liberace was as a, performer and a guy who you know, and the way he looked and live you probably. Can't afford any of the ingredients starting Like it's probably the most expensive. You know, you would spend nine million dollars in order to make some of these meals we were on to something, because the hood above the stove on, the cover of the thing is a piano keys Of? Course? It is what's he does he have, like. A flamboyant now it he does have. An apron it has something I can't tell what it. Is but, it's just a red apron so. He's not, dressed like a lunatic erect doesn't it forty five says lover says lover and. Says lover I can't tell us anything about it looks like the Royal crest is on it as well of course Liberace do they have any recipes that are that. Are listening Not necessarily sounding checks I would love to hear some of these have to be the. Most ridiculous, recipes ever Liberace cooks All right well there you go seven dining rooms seven different dining rooms he had us prices. Range from forty nine dollars to sixty five dollars for the Liberace cook for the for. The cookbook Wow it must be Let me sixty five. Dollars for a cookbook, that's? A little crazy right. Especially, if it's old It, can't be new he's been dead for a. Long time I mean, having? Sold yet so oh But I know there'll be a. Rush on him now though certainly, as if you can can you imagine right now we just talked. We talked about this Liberace cooks. It's going to sell out everybody who's listening to us right now just log on to the internet's they're going to break the internet because everybody who has ears who is listening to this. Show right now is going to order. Liberace cooks, and we all. Know, that So all right More unlikely cookbooks coming up here, and celebrity, cookbooks, three, one two nine. Eight one seven two hundred is. The phone number if you guys have any recipes you want to share that are weird or weird cookbooks. Or celebrity cookbooks we would love to. Hear from you our phone number, is, three, one two nine eight one seventeen hundred for talking, Texas. Also wildcard Wednesday And that's any artists any song anything and we are getting your requests right now so three one. Two nine eight one seven two hundred. Third base Scott I love third-base, Jesse, requesting, third base on wildcard Wednesday with pop. Goes the, weasel Man I love, their base one of, my favorites One of my favorites How you doing everybody Nick and Gilio here. On seven twenty WGN we're here till five AM Steve Grzanich with, the only valid fat Steve Cochran at six with your morning. Drive while Wednesday year Continues Yeah, hey as. World do you remember the show that What would go why blanket on his, name the the emcee from the. Emcee, from. Third. Base, hosted a, show with white rappers oh yeah Oh yeah each one was, awesome why am I blanking on. His, name Oh no sir, NC search. Yes thank you yes thank you MC search what he's I. I love I love their base and I and I thought that? Show. Is that what that show is on for a couple of seasons right I think. It's just. Best white rally a. Couple of episodes I watched every episode Great good old MC search he. Had a pretty good. Solo career too so All right I don't. Know if he's got a cookbook. That's the thing, we, have to, find out. If MC search has a cookbook NC search. Cooks So. The we were just talking about unlikely celebrity. Cookbooks three one two nine eight one seventy. Two hundred if you would like. To join us We were. Just talking about the Liberace cookbook for Which seems ridiculous. To me followed by the Jill Saint John cookbook In the nineteen seventies the former bond girl expanded the..

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