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So would that seventeen dollar bag of coffee. You're paying one dollar per cup of coffee. You can't even go to the bodega in new york city in most bodega dollar a cup of coffee and they're serving the cheapest stuff they can buy in most places and that you know. It's funny when you break it down like that and that sometimes that's what it takes for people say in the other thing that i find fascinating is when i have been able to expose people to a small batch rosters independent roasters. They come away with a gleam in their eye. Because i don't think and we've gotten this feedback from a lot of our listeners. I don't think they know what they're missing until they sample what they're i don't know another way to explain it the only way that's true and what about our listeners. Tell tell them something about you. Maybe that the most people don't know about you and or story. If you could our motto is everybody has a story to tell and i'm wondering if you could share one of those stone. I was three years ago now. I found myself in Vietnam with my my now fiance then girlfriend of about a year and a half two years and she somehow convinced me to take a thirty day motorbike tour from from home. Saigon ho chairman city up to hanoi in north vietnam so we wrote from south vietnam all the way up to north vietnam on motorbikes with our sixty five liter backpacks. I'd never written a motorbike before. I'd never been to asia before the only place that ever been outside of the states was one trip to italy with my grandfather to to see where he came from. Felt like marco polo a little bit. You know. I felt like this italian boy going into the vietnam. I had no idea what. I was getting myself into man. If my mom could have seen me doing that she would have lost their mind. Every day we wrote about f- four two four seven hours on the bikes. There's a long time on the bike and we found ourselves trapped in this in not trapped in a bad way. We're being held hostage but we were held hostage by these torrential downpour. Don we're in pretty sure we in dry season in vietnam but we've been stuck at this hostel for two straight days and it was raining you know. We're on a limited schedule here. We have to drive forty seven hours. Oh yeah so. We get out on our bikes and it's just downpour out just trucks a couple of people here in their. Everybody wears ponchos. And we're like you know what let's just go for thunderstorms happening lightning everywhere. We're getting absolutely dumped on. Were completely drenched..

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