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Police say they now consider actor jussie smollet to be a suspect in his own attack. Chicago police department spokesman saying jussie smollet is now classified as a suspect for filing a false. Police report a class four felony CPT also releasing video of two brothers buying supplies at a hardware store. Purportedly used in the jussie smollet attack law enforcement sources say the brothers helps will let stage the attack because he was angry that not enough. Attention was being paid to a threatening letters sent to the empire studios in Chicago. That letter is also being investigated by the FBI and US postal inspectors Ryan burrow, ABC news, Chicago after nearly two weeks on the Rhonda hit and run suspect is now in custody. Ron Claiborne is accused of hitting and killing a city worker. Now police tell today's TMZ for he was taken into custody this morning. The criminal complaint says clayborn and his girlfriend ran from the scene after hitting worker Brian Rodriguez while he was feeling potholes the girlfriend tried to flag down other cars, but Claiborne stuck a handgun in her side. Demanded they take off running. He. Faces more than thirty years if convicted Eric bills dead WTMJ news being held for murdering two people and kidnapping thirteen year old Jamie class of Wisconsin has apparently written a letter to a pen pal radar online has published what it claims is a letter from Jake Patterson to someone who had written to him in the Polk County jail. He's being held for the murder of Gianni clauses. Parents before abducting and holding her captive until her escape eighty eight days later in the letter Patterson says his family still support him, even though he doesn't deserve it. And that he and Jamie cooked together, the twenty one year old says he went from never committing a crime to doing the worst thing person can do quote, just one big f up haha. I'm quote, Jane, Matenaer, WTMJ news. And for the first time governor Iverson's pulling out his veto pen as he striking down the middle class tax cuts approved by Republicans both parties want to implement a tax break for the middle class. But they do have different means of doing. So governor says he's troubled the Republican plan was passed without bipartisan support, he's planning. On unveiling his own in his next state budget proposal next week sports. Traffic and weather are next day. News time seven oh four this.

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