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Presidential leadership were only about giving speeches the jackhammers would already be at work on mount Rushmore, many ways, this is one of the most conservative speeches that a democratic president has given since I think the middle of Bill Clinton's time, I was trying to think about who he was tonight. And it's interesting he is post racial by all appearances. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour. You know, he's going along way to become a leader this country and past so much history and just a year or two I mean, it's something we don't even think about I I was watching. I said, wait a minute. He's an African American guy in front of a bunch of other white people in areas, president states, and we've completely forgotten that tonight. That is the objective media calling it right up the middle there after President Obama's state of the union address well done, Greg soccer. Well. There you go. Voices in their sink loading some Charlie rose who are not allowed to be near a school. Matt Lauer Matt Lauer, how many of these people are harassment. These people are not allowed to work anymore. Go to hear a lady's dressing. That's my question creeps. Speaking of that the woman down in Virginia who says the Lieutenant governor sexually assaulted her. She is hired the same law firm that represented Christine blazey Ford who is the woman who accused supreme court Justice. Brett Cavanaugh plot thickens. The plot thickens Katie Brennan should hire. Well, it's funny. You mentioned that because I was just thinking somebody asked me today. They said why is it that the Katie Brennan story is not making national news. Katie Brennan, of course, being the young woman who says that she was raped by a member of governor Phil Murphy's staff, and that her repeated cries for help to the administration went on answered as the guy was on the staff making one hundred seventy thousand dollars a year. And no one knows who hired him. And nobody knows nothing in jersey is jersey. Hey, jimmy. Did you hire 'em iron pivot? You not not not me. I got on God's. Why is that story national news at my theory has always been because democrat governors are treated much differently? And the Nash Virginia story, it's being national news right now because it's just it's just an amazing amazing story. But you notice how people are piling on this woman who's accused who tenant governor of sexual assault. Are you seeing that? Yes. There piling on her at this point as opposed to saying what they did with Christine blazey Ford. She deserves to be believed women to be believed and her allegations are enough. And that's that right. Yeah. Kind of similar to what they're doing the Katie Brennan. I think it's it's fascinating and women and women's groups and women's advocacy groups should be smarter. And really evaluate this and say, well, wait a minute. It's not the woman. It's the politics. Yeah. It's either all women are to be believed are not all women. It'd be believed which isn't if you make claims against Democrats. You're not to be believed. If you make claims against Republicans are to be believed and not even question. You can't even question them. The woman suing accusing Virginia governor governor, Justin Fairfax or sexual assault has retained the law firm represented represented Christine blazey Ford, the woman who has accused Fairfax of sexual assault or in the two thousand four democratic national convention has retained cats Marshall and banks. Deborah Katz who represented for during Kavanagh's confirmation hearing, a she eventually testified about an alleged assault by cavenaugh and a high school party in the nineteen eighties cavenaugh denied the accusation as well as others made against him. It was eventually confirmed to the supreme court. The post Senate investigator the woman's story earlier, but found Fairfax in the woman gave different accounts of what happened in the hotel room and couldn't find anyone to corroborate either account, but it disputed Fairfax assertion that have found significant red flags why do you need red flags? Why why do you need to back this up at all? Whatever she said, she just be believed. Right. That's what they that's what they've set in certain cases. They have said that when women came forward to accuse Brett Kavanagh. Yes. They said that Cory Booker said that count grandstand Dangelo Spartacus walked out of the hearing hang on. I gotta hook this up here. Let's see I should have done this before. I'm trying to learn this year ago, we have this the closest I'll probably ever have in my life to an IM Spartacus moment. Remember that? Yes. And so that was his moment to stand up and walk out of the room on behalf of all women who ever make an accusation whereas count grandstand. Hewlett today. He's asking people if they've ever hired gay law clerks. That's where he is today. That's amazing to me. It really is amazing the the double standard, and this is pathetic. And we still don't know who hired the guy in jersey who's the accused rapist was on the payroll for almost a year. Nobody knows nothing testimony continues. This is like dozens and dozens of hours of testimony, and you should sit there and listen to it over. It's amazing. And these are the inner circle people. I didn't the woman today was a chief counsel. Well, it was electron signature will who hired him. I don't know. How do you not know in year twenty nineteen who was hired to work in the governor's office for a high ranking job in the state government? How do you not know that I always thought it was the saying the buck stops here? I mean, if the governor didn't want him in my opinion. Yeah. Governor hired him because it's his guy. He was seen talking to him inaugural. They were talking soccer. Remember, that's estimate. And so ultimately, if cameras chief-of-staff the times says he didn't Zanele says he didn't the top guy say they didn't hire him. Then who did Cammarata was ano-? I got on God's. I got nothing. It's so it's so jersey so. You may you may know, I had a paper. I lost the paper. What are you gonna do? I had that paper right around here somewhere. I think it was at a diner. Left it on the table. What you're saying is like like the testimony. That's what's going on in these lawmakers bipartisan committee like their head on the desk. You know, it's amazing. If Phil Murphy were a Republican right now, they would be hammering him over this weekend. Joe every we live outside the state house totally instead, he's he's the governor. Now, who's just given us fifteen dollars minimum wage. He's a hero to the left. So they're just ignoring the story nationally just ignoring it completely. But I agree with you. Katie Brennan should hire the law firm that represented Christine blazey Ford, at least you'll get a story about it in Fox News. But that's about it. You know? That's that's really about it. And the only reason why it's very possible. The law firm agreed to represent this woman in Virginia is because they don't want Lieutenant governor to actually become governor for all kinds of other political reasons because there's no reason why the jersey stories not national news other than the fact that he's a democrat. The only thing. I had that hiring slip. Oh, man. What I do. I wrote that phone number on the back. I think I left it on the table. Let me go back to the diner. I I'm pretty sure it's over there. By the way, the Suwalki at this place is unbelievable. Unbelievable. I five five eight three nine twelve ten that is just another day in my fair state. Just another day with guys like Cammarata Lozano lasagna. Chicago. The only show. 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