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Breezy, hot, humid, isolated storms at night. The high Tomorrow climbs to 91 Heat index near 100 CBS News UPDATE as the Corona virus pandemic surges in California Governor Gavin Newsom has just laid out a plan for school in the fall. But it appears to me in a majority of districts will not have in classroom instruction. We are now putting forth guidelines and say schools can physically open For in person education when the county that they're operating in has been off our monitoring list for 14 consecutive days, Florida Governor Rhonda Santa's says its parents who should have the choice to either let their kids continue remote learning or go back to school in the fall. One of the things that were really concerned about is some of the learning gaps that will develop in the K through five. And when you're doing that, when you're falling behind in reading, especially that could have a lifetime of effects. Dissenters went on to say that Jim's will remain open because a healthy lifestyle will lead to fewer virus cases. CBS NEWS update on that pipe. W T M J NEWS TIME. 3 32 From the W. T. M J breaking News Center, Milwaukee police chief Alfonzo Morales has the union in his corner. The head of the Milwaukee Police Association, Dale Borman, tells W. T. M. J. He supports the chief this after the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission scheduled a special meeting on Monday where Morales will get directives to follow moving forward. The DNC is getting smaller and smaller. The New York Times says members of Congress have Been told not to come to Milwaukee. No guilt. Delegates will be here either. Meanwhile, organizations aren't shying away from injecting as much Milwaukee into the convention as they came. What the team has done has looked at it and seen what we can do to do. This virtually isn't Milwaukee CEO Peggy William Smith says. That means advertising and lots of it. We're not going to get the economic benefits that we were hoping for. Obviously, there's not gonna be 50,000 people here. There's not going to be the parties that there once we're going to be But there will be opportunities for us to showcase what a great city we are to come and visit. Smith says They are still exploring their options when it comes to purchasing TV spots in an effort to show the world what Milwaukee has to offer. Mike Spaulding W T. I'm Jane use many Milwaukee companies.

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