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Right into it. I didn't actually see it. But it was read to us. We read him. So there Mr. Whittaker there, Mr. Rosenstein, if the story is true. There is somebody who's committed a felony. I'll go find them. Go put a spy in the Muller operation much. Like you did the Trump camp. Check that out. Go ahead. Now, we have Chason Leopold. The Vance said of these Sacco van said he team at BuzzFeed. He's asked a question by somebody named hallie Jackson. She's apparently at MSL ST, see, no, CNN and MSNBC. They jump on this. If it's a story, we wanna have if it's a story, we need breaking headlines. If it's a story, we gotta talk about it for the next three days. If it's a story, we got to bring in our former federal prosecutors former Watergate prosecutors if it's a story we need to talk to them we need to bring in that fat guy. What's his name Carl Bernstein? So he can go. We need to hear from him. Let's hear what Jason Leopold now. CNN over there. Darcy? He just he just laid out the background of Leopold. He's a great reporter. But for the fact that he's not always a great reporter, he contradicts Sacco van SETI contradict Sokha, cut nine go. Your colleague who you're at the story with says that neither of you. When you talk about those documents that you guys haven't actually seen them. You haven't seen the documents to sets, the emails, etc. So how confident are you that they actually can you talk a little faster? Go ahead. I don't think that we said that we haven't seen them. Her goose. We haven't seen them just because my colleague SoKo cormier says it we didn't see them that we were right into it by two people. We one hundred percent full crushed. I don't think we haven't seen them. Excuse me. Go ahead. I'm very confident your colleagues said on CNN this morning that you were briefed on these documents by those law enforcement sources that you reference. Can you clarify for me sort of where the status as pure over? The course of a year. We've we've reported pretty extensively on Trump Moscow. Good job, the the Trump Moscow product that was a hell of a job there. Reported grade. We didn't ask you about the specific piece of information. And we have been we've I'll.

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