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All of fearless, which will be coming out soon. My version of fearless will have 26 songs on it because I've decided to add songs from the vault, which are songs that almost made the original fearless album, But I've now gone back and recorded those so that everyone will be able to hear not only the songs that made the album but the songs that almost made it. Full picture. Pretty cool. Taylor will release her kind of hysterical. She really well, here's the deal with fearless, So this is one of the this. Of course, Scooter Braun and Big Machine records owns this. So, she said, way back when When they bought her master's, and she didn't own him that she would re record everything she had, and fearless. What an album that was already done. No, no. Yes, she's re recorded. This is her her sophomore album. That was absolutely huge. She came out in 2000 and eight Made swift at the time She was 19, the youngest artist have the best selling album in a calendar year. It's one of the worldwide one of the best selling albums of all times, and the hits on It Will Love Story. You belong with me, 15 fearless and So anyway, she's just recording and when you give and go back and look at the video and stuff, it's a teenage voice, Taylor So be interesting to see a grown up question. Yeah, what she does with it and everything, but I just remember. I love way played love story. We did so Much doing and we loved the video night's very Bridger Tin. Yes, it is. I mean, this is I mean, other artists have re recorded their material. Yeah, it'll be interesting to see if this does anything because for the most part, they don't people are lying Add rather. But Taylor Swift fans are different and they will support her and she gave us all kinds of Easter eggs. Today's well today It's not an Easter egg, but two Plus 11 equal 13. That's why she announced it. February 11 and so on her funny with her numbers and then on her instagram, but her fans love it on her instagram note. If you string the capital, the things she capitalized, it spells April 9th, but it spells out ninth. You know the whole word. And if you take April is the fourth month of the year for Plus nine is 13 lucky number honestly. But people will rack Oh, I think I think by it in operation BLEEP Scooter Bron is really what this is. It will be interesting to see if she sort of re interprets them rather than just sort of tries to make sound alike because I think that's what Ah lot of bands do right there like Oh, well, we don't own these anymore. Let's make Let's make pour some sugar on me sound exactly like it did in 86. Yeah, I don't know what she's gonna do here. Is there like I'd rather hear the original, But she seems like she's pretty forward thinking and, oh, she's so good on this album Fearless. I did the Wikipedia on it. She wrote eight of the 13 tracks. I mean, she is a prolific songwriter, and she did other songs with, You Know, John Rich and Kobe Kelly and Um, she worldwide it's sold 14 million. Albums, and when she toured for the fearless tour, I mean, it was like huge numbers like 70 Million, which in 2009 was Big, Yeah. Big numbers So and she got the Grammy for album of the year and that made her the youngest artist to win the award until last year. When Billy I'll ish one Right There we go, anyway, so that's that's that was the music. News of the day and the other music news of the day is Morgan Wallace didn't apology video he did after using the N word, blah, blah, blah, So he's addressing it. Did a lengthy apology on his Instagram page, and it's an update from him. I mean, people are downloading his songs and everything but Um Jason. Isabella's isn't didn't he say all the proceeds He's gonna donate everything that he made from his cover of cover me up of Morgan Malan song to the end of the day. But you know what? I listen to the interview, and, um Morgan has been talking to some good PR people, and he seemed, you know, sincere and several organizations. Black organizations invited him into have candid discussions because you're there like you're the kind of person we're trying to reach. You know that you did fantastic. He what you were doing or whatever. They've been gracious, but that it was that it was You know good some anyway, so we're like his music. Yeah. And then Beyonce is opposing fat Avery Park. We've posted it for you. It's an amazing photo shoot. And I don't know. Did Holly talk about the chick Corea? The Jazz Penis died? No, that happened during our show today. Gosh, that's more music. That's legend. How old was he was late sixties. Maybe let me that's all he was looking up. I just feel like I've known that name for every man. It feels like it was in an Elvis Presley movie. And no, I swear it feels like that name. Wasp..

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