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First news I'm Chris Miller on your official weather station WWL eight at me dot com rain and flooding still around thanks to crystal ball coastal and lakeshore flooding which will begin to diminish as we head into the day tomorrow especially on Wednesday with a wind shift most of the rainfall ending by this evening and tonight mild humid breezy overnight lows in the seventies under partly sunny skies tomorrow much drier a thirty percent chance for some showers but hotter as highs get to around ninety WW LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin local weather expert forecast is on the way streams instead of streets today on the north shore W. wells Dave Cole reports southerly winds are pushing lake waters into St Tammany parish from one end to the other in Slidell we've got the palm lake neighborhood as well as other areas solved by your liberty road local harbor lake shore drive in Mandeville the water is actually pretty rough in the lake and water is up about two blocks inward and Tammy president Mike Cooper says it's in areas you'd expect a flood in these conditions and it'll take a day or so to get the water on ours to boaters went missing yesterday afternoon near the Wrigley's were found alive and safe today look home Ted Roach and Jennifer Lynn goni set out from solved by your Slidell around one PM just hours before tropical storm crystal balls landfall after clinging to a single life jacket the two made their way to a camp in the comb when they were found today you're only as police chief Sean Ferguson today says it turns out some officers did fire so called rubber bullets into the crowd last week during a confrontation of the crescent city connection chief Bergesen said that is under investigation he also wants to know why he was told differently why wasn't I given that information on that night are there was a break down there is some sort of deficiency in our messaging internal messaging but she said while use of tear gas was authorized use of anti riot sting around was not the Mercedes Benz Superdome tonight lit up in crimson and gold the colors of Georgia Florida high school the special lighting arrangement comes at the request of New Orleans mayor latoya Cantrell mayor Cantrell says her request was motivated by Sylvester Turner mayor of Houston Floyd's hometown crimson and gold are the colors of Floyd's alma mater Yates high school in Houston only slight changes today the number of code nineteen cases in Louisiana total cases increased two hundred thirty four to forty three thousand fifty the state department of health says six more people have died and seven were people are hospitalized Louisiana governor John bel Edwards said in the two weeks since Memorial Day weekend there has not been a major jump in cases your local weather records WWL TV chief meteorologist Chris Franklin we have been watching the remnants of crystal ball continue to move up to the north good news is we will see most of the rainfall coming to a head will likely still see the water levels that are a bit on the higher side north shore from the rivers as well as some of the minor coastal flooding to remain on the high side until about Tuesday and Wednesday before we finally start to see those river levels and water levels begin to drop which really gonna help us out is the fact that we're expecting a wind shift on Wednesday which will help to push that water away from us partly sunny skies for Tuesday a thirty percent chance for some isolated to spotty showers and thunderstorms hotter though hi Ron ninety degrees a bit more rain and clouds on Wednesday as a weak cold front moves through the area June so no cold air but we are looking at some less humid air which should make it feel a little bit more comfortable Thursday through the weekend although drier air will be warming up a little bit easier it's a high temperatures will be getting into the nineties but will also have a nice dry stretch of weather for the end of the week and weekend from your weather expert forecast center I'm WLTP chief meteorologist Chris Franklin I'm Chris Miller WWL first news for the latest on the pandemic visit WW well dot com slash coronavirus for twenty four seven updates we now joins CBS sports radio already in progress from our Jefferson financial federal credit union studios on W. W. L. and we'll see I mean you know coach Ferentz see he's put together an advisory an advisory committee former players.

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