Moscow, Paul Whalen, Mike Pence discussed on Michael Medved


Even years while vice President Mike Pence says the negotiations will be continuing. We look forward to continue dialogue over the course of this weekend. Make no mistake about it. We are in the midst of a crisis at our southern border every day nearly two thousand people are apprehended or stopped attempting to come into our country that have no lawful. Claim to be here. The twin brother of the American man being held in Moscow and alleged spying charges is urging the US government to help get his brother released, David Whelan issued a family statement on Friday on behalf of his brother, Paul Whalen, saying that the family was quote, very pleased to know that the staff at the US embassy in Moscow has been given consular access to Paul and confirmed that he is safe unquote, yours the US congress and the State Department to help get his brother freed once again on Wall Street the results the Dow up I seven hundred forty seven points. The NASDAQ rose to seventy five the s&p advanced eighty four more on these stories at townhall dot com. Thinking about life insurance. What if you could make one free phone call and learn your best price from nearly a dozen highly-rated price-competitive companies? Well, that's exactly what happens when you call selectquote life. For example, George is forty he was getting sky-high quotes from other companies because he takes meds to control his blood pressure. But when I shopped around I found him a ten year five hundred thousand dollar policy for under twenty five dollars a month. I'm selectquote agent, Dan Savino and believe me if selectquote isn't shopping for your life insurance, you're probably paying too much for your free quote..

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