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Five o'clock on saturday afternoon thus the time that we talk every week and so the weather's nice i walk my dog at put my headphones in a talk to my mom all of a sudden he of these groups of people walking up and down this like main street where there's cars i'm sure about its i'm neri that's clothes it's one of the main streets up and down you know in and out of jerusalem squeamish about it you are chevenement you why are these caiming shibata hailed as i am breaking shot they are there to remind you by ailing shaba delay took an impression shove is you're a woman and therefore that's horrible two and this is the middle east fees podcast i am your host molly livingstone here in jerusalem alex giles is going to be sitting this one out because today we're talking about jerusalem now the jerusalem you'd think about often when i say that word jerusalem what is it old ancient religious that's all great but i'm talking about a modern jerusalem that is in a jewish state but democratic state i hesitated and in the middle east what does that mean when we actually stop talking about this problem between the jews and arabs and actually focus on jews and jews i know who thought the jews and jews wouldn't get along but of course you have very religious jews very secular jews the very religious jews often known as has cdm haridis ultra orthodox.

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