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Events around little bitter Root Lake were beyond puzzling. The Autumn Chill descended strange young man. The plane the lake the dead girl trapped in the plane then deputy sheriff. Jim pod had trouble shaking that image. Everything starts to transform in your brain of what happened that day. What happened to her when she went down? The the knowing that you're doomed type of thing. But where did she come from. Why a few hundred miles north west a little bitter root across the border in Canada in the heart of British Columbia's there's Okinawan valley is a sweet small city called ten Tipton? Where on a Monday morning almost a month before they fish that plane out of the Lake Royal Canadian Canadian Mounted Police Constable? Ron Peterson noticed. Unusual activity are the airport for. I saw the search and rescue aircraft raft in because that always has been search base to look for somebody. Yeah when I see things like that I I'd like to know what's going on what was going on. mm-hmm was indeed search for a small plane. Gone missing the previous evening constable found out it was a training aircraft from Vancouver four hours to the West which had flown defendant in the day before with two on board both teenagers. I found out a little bit unusual especially those days. 'cause nineteen twenty year olds didn't file the assurer experience. No and that terrain can be very treacherous. The the constable though no one asked him to started poking around I spoke to the Main reviewer he service aircraft he filled them up with fuel and and spent the afternoon beside the aircraft on a blanket and they were reorganizing stuff out of the airplane. And and putting it in these bags did you wonder if maybe they were smuggling something. They didn't know then. Gusta Peterson went looking for witnesses. You may have seen the plane flying by. And yes several did they noticed because it had gone up into a narrow windy valley posted no-fly zone and nod on the flight plan it buzzed Ski Mountain Outside Town and the nearby observatory with its massive radio telescopes. I spoke to the fellow there and I said What happens if somebody flies over? Does anything trigger an alarm or anything like that and he said. Oh yes. This is a no fly zone over here and there was a disturbance it's registered. He said that was a small airplane because he said we've seen it before. But after that. No idea where the plane went and there was no emergency. locator the transmitter on board. Since it was training aircraft and wasn't usually more than twenty five miles from Vancouver which one of the that you thought. Maybe they'd crashed in the Bush somewhere and just absolutely absolutely everybody was looking for this plant. That's right parties that that very same summer. Monday cub reporter brand new twenty the two years old. I just started working at the Vancouver Sun. Newspaper Margot Harper heard about the missing plane Doug Little and came up with the names. The people on board Uris Law Umbro's Iq the pilot known jerry a nineteen year old who'd solo followed just a year before emigrating from Poland at the age of ten and a boy scout with dreams of becoming a commercial airline pilot and his passenger and girlfriend eighteen year old. Diane Babcock she was a very good student. She was a runner. She was set on a career in nursing. You know she was ambitious and she was determined to be successful. When Margot Harper started nosing around the high school from which Jerry and Diane had so recently graduated she learned a theory was rapidly circulating here at theory with an ancient and universal theme? What emerged uh right away? Was the suggestion that they were kind of a Romeo and Juliet. Couple that their families had been disapproving of their your relationship and the suggestion emerged that they were trying to run away together. That was the suggestion that they in fact had been trying to get away from parental pressure. Yeah sure I'm an unhappy. Social Scene Uric this strong parental influence that he was trying to get away from a father who was too tough on the numbers or something and she had a family. That didn't want her involved with this Polish kid and from the wrong side of the tracks. Trey Yeah Romeo and Juliet indeed. According to Diane's Family I spoke with Mr Babcock. Diane's father who soundly dismissed is that theory and said that there was no reason that they would have had to elope and have Jerry and Diane had wanted to be together. that they could have been together together and I remember thinking at the time. It didn't quite ring true to Anna. I wondered whether Mister Babcock was was is appealing to his daughter through the media to come home if she was out there somewhere that everything would be okay They were absolutely out of their minds. with you know worry desperation fear at that point their daughter was simply missing. And so it was Jerry so as the plane and then so it went families frantic with worry search and rescue missions flying all over British Columbia wondering where those teenagers could have gone. And then a week later everything changed with a strange and alarming phone call from New York City. What was that like stunning coming up? By top allow allows one mystery solved so many more not arrogant forever.

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