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Seven twenty WGN radio but we have them come in and take out about and change it into a shower stall we had seventy vintage stuff in there all of the green toilet and we're real interested in upgrading to a more modern look we are talking today with make a customer Laurie Petrillo palatine we heard the ads on the radio and my wife that elected these guys to try and see if everything we hear is true because everything was the nice thing about mega was when they said they were going to get it done in a certain time period and clean up after their map the day followed through on every one of those things they were right on the money with their estimate no problem at all because everything was done totally to our satisfaction yeah it's it's really really nice one make a call does it all six five eight eighty nine eighty nine dot com one medical does it all did you know one in ten Americans has or will have osteoarthritis in their knees this is John Williams that's over thirty million Americans and that's just the need if you've got me pain before you undergo surgery talk to the doctors at the joint relief institute and don't ignore that knee pain either just give them a call at seven oh eight eight eight eight zero zero zero zero bill used digital imaging to see where your tissue has deteriorated they'll put a lubricant and they're in this procedure works it's quick and it's pain free and I can attest.

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