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Dot com. So all episodes for season one in season two are up there, and then we're starting to talk about season three a little bit more. Yeah. During bring out, we did a short film in the fall, and that's in like the festival circuit right now, Hannah directed it and I wrote it amazing. That was a lot of fun because that was the first time we done a project together since like the spring before when we wrapping up like two long. Yeah. So now we're just we're brainstorming for season three and we're gonna see, see where that goes. I also have like a sketch idea that I really wanna flesh out came to test, and I went to rooftop cinema club last week and saw Sunset Boulevard. And we really wanna do like a some sort of parody of that, like a modern day. Sunset Boulevard? Yeah, familiar with the. I'm not. You're not. Okay. So the the premise is this guy is just moved to Hollywood to be a writer, and he's like trying to get his break, and then he's having trouble with money and all this stuff. And there's like these loan sharks kinda chasing him, and he pulls into this really grand mansion to find that it's owned by Norma Desmond, who is this like silent movie star, who's kind of become like a hermit. And he starts like living with and working for her and things get real weird. It's very suspenseful. There's very serious, like narration and voice over the whole time. And I just think it'd be so funny to make that a modern parody. Yeah. Like old like an actress. Our age had a web series. That was a big hit like two years ago, and she's still just like living in that every day. It was like, well, my web series. Beautiful. I was gorgeous. Yeah, so we're playing. We've got some stuff cooking. Yeah, that's what's your. So you guys have met in college? Yes..

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