Phuc Bui aka F*kboi (w/ Wilfred Padua, Winner of Boston Comedy Festival)

Asian, Not Asian


Asian ventures so. So, so so far. Five Asian guys together got. Stealing place. Maybe, you can look me up. I don't care. Opium. Another episode of Asian Not Asian podcast the PODCAST. From. Asia talk about American issues cares about I'm your host. And on Mike Newman today is July fifth July this happy. Independence, day guys didn't do I'm sure no one did anything. Did anyone do anything fun? Did you do next month? I I? Actually you know what I had a little barbecue me, and and then we walked around. There is people out, and there was like so much fucking fireworks that it felt like you're inside of the fireworks show you know what I'm saying. It was like it was like a VR experience where you're like flying through the thing, and you just had no idea where it was. It was like it'd be right. Right in front of you, someone setting an often setting off, and then someone doing Roman candles like over you know just around the corner and Shit, and it was like it was. It was pretty crazy. I feel you know I. Don't know the okay. Here's my fireworks I I grew up doing a lot of fireworks stuff because in Japan to just sell them at eleven, and like Oh. Really my uncle would take us to the beach and we would use them at the beach. Sure had some fireworks went up in the air, but there are mainly like the hand held. Ones Look Pretty. To look at these fireworks that are going off in our neighborhoods. They're like bombs like there's nothing there's nothing cute about it. You know the way you write fireworks in the Chinese characters is it's fire flower because it's? Supposed to be beautiful like a flower. Okay, this is like some Iraq shit like nothing nothing beautiful about it and I. Really I feel like Americans like really misinterpreted like the word of fireworks. They're very very powerful. The one that really every most of them are pretty good I the one that you're talking about I. Think is eighty because what happens there. Is that the launcher it's self explodes, and that thing kicks super heart, and it's like on the ground level, so it just like pits you in the in the chest, and then, and then once that because that's just to get it up into the sky, so there's two explosions. There's that one it goes up into the air and then it explodes again. It's kind of like one of those like. Landmines I know a lot about landmines. There's South Vietnam. Just a you're. Bouncing bettys they spring up. Get up to about chest height. Then they blow up. We okay, so that's what that's what it is, but yeah, it's it's getting crazy. I thought I thought also I thought. Fireworks were expensive, apparently not. Apparently they're super cheap because. All! My neighbors have like hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks and they all lived them all at once yesterday, so it was pretty intense man, but we you know it was. It was a fourth. You had good fourth. You idea. Some special I did something very special and I. Don't even I'll go ahead and talk about it, but please know if there are any comedians listening. I know that there's like this whole thing right now. We're like. To stay, but that I did people throw shade at you realize okay, because because they think you're not obeying the rules. I'm just GONNA. Talk about it and I I wanted to know that I wore masks during it and also a condom for whatever reason I did. Did. I did like my first in-person. Stand up comedy. Show right live show in a story Queens I went took like it was like a ninety minute commute. Just do so far away from us. Yeah, so far way and they have an outdoor set up. It's actually very good, and we're just speaking into Detoro camp kind of thing. Felt like a very indy five there about fifteen people and Bro I got to say it felt so good like. We've been doing zoom shows. We've all been doing zoom shows and I. Think some of us were like you know what maybe we just need to devolve. Stand up as whatever you know and I I'm not GonNa lie I felt that way for a little bit I was like maybe we just need to evolve and I'm all for evolving. But the second I got on. It took a minute from my body to figure out what I was doing. It's Kinda like being a drug addict. Know like you don't do heroin for awhile and he'd do it again. Your and your body's like this is heroin. Come on. Analogy! But then like my by locked in London, and then I was like I was like oh I fucking remember how to do this, and then it was so much fun, and that's what I this is gonna sound kind of Corny, but I remember like. This I remember the reason why you know all Comedians know that we could just be like tick tock girls and make money and get sponsorships right. We could all be with her. I couldn't spend. All spend our time being twittering doing that. making HAC Hachette fucking all Asian here we could make videos about rice constantly and go viral on God. Get sponsored by those RUCCI. Get you know. Whatever right, but we choose not to, and I remembered why we don't do it what I was doing it yesterday. I was like Oh this is why we don't do it because. Even know. We know this isn't worth nothing. It still feels it's like the best blow job you ever yet in your life and no other. No other women can blow your Dick like stand up comedy, but. You guys heard of here. I stand up comedy. It's like it's like heroin, and it's also like blow job so I. Don't know. I don't know what shows you're going to whom okay my? Very rough hand job at best okay. So I WANNA talk more about it, but I want to bring guests into because I feel that we've. We've kept them from this blowjob conversation. I can tell that he's a fan of the blue and maybe heroin as well so let let's let's bring him into it and I'm so happy to have him on. He was actually recommended to us from or favorite guests Jewish triplet through a long time ago. She S to him and we just said no thanks for six months. Around, yeah, we we. We immediately threatened. We were like I'm scared scarred. Intimidated or like other straight Asian guy? No, no, no. No. That's the thing that's the thing that when you when you bring someone onto your show. Sometimes you can do is you can look them up on the Internet right? We all have a tapes and stuff and you know a lot of times. These a lot of a lot of comics like they've just started doing it. They don't have like really crisp tapes, or they're not that good, but the worst thing is when you get recommended. Someone and they have an awesome tapes good.

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