1085 Scott Sambucci: Don't Make The Mistake Of Trying To Sell


We love this because I'm such. A Geek at Sales Kuala SAM BUCCI WORKS WITH SAS, start ups and tech companies. Companies all over the globe across several industries. He is the author of three books. Fifty two sales questions answered startup selling had a cell of you really really really have to don't know how and his current Release Stop Hustling Start Scaling. He's coming here today by way. We're good friends at bestseller. Publishing Scott I'm excited to have you here. Welcome to the Nice guys on business podcast. Let me get you on here. We go welcome. Scott a good to be here. Thanks for having me. I promise is the only time I will read anything that is scripted. The rest of the rest of the afternoon pretty fairly scripted I. Oh, that's cool. That's why you know we've been doing. The Nice guys on business. PODCASTS were a little over five years almost eleven hundred episodes in, and we're really excited about the last five years because it has been like a game changer for us. Maybe we can even start their your podcast as been a game changer for you was just kind of like another thing to add it into your your holes. Yes, a good question. I started because I was listening to podcasts like a lot of people and I thought. doesn't seem so hard. L. Just. Like how hard could it be and really was interesting whether it's a podcast or a blog posts video that I do on like Din a lot of times just creating the content, it kind of forces me to figure out. What am I thinking about? What are the concepts that I want to relate to other people, and so whether that's? So that I'm doing rump. Sharing some specific frameworks or bringing a guest is an opportunity for me to learn as much as it is for the audience to learn from that specialist, and just get some really good clear perspectives at some expertise, but yeah I, I find that eleven hundred episodes probably close to eight, hundred of those have been interviews and I've gotten the best free coaching anywhere. You could possibly imagine I'm starting to get some free sales coaching today I really. been on the on the on the training side of sales training as well so I'm excited to talk to a cohort in colleague in the world of sales, so thanks for being here and I love sharing some secrets of mine and I. I'd love you to share. Today is definitely not about me. It's more about sharing the stuff that you have in your in your bag of tricks and the Mo. Jo that you can bring so if you're if you're watching right now on facebook, live what we want you to do is. If you have any questions, please add them to. To the comments box directly on on facebook will make sure that we put them live on the show, and hopefully will put in a position where he can answer some of the questions that you guys have and I want to start here because this is probably the area where you have to focus in the beginning the most with new customers, and you have to be gentle with new customers from this perspective, where do most people make their biggest mistakes upfront when it comes to making sales when they have a new company or or just in the sales process itself. So I'd say that the biggest mistake people make when they're selling as they tried to sell. I love that. It's easy to do right if you started a company whether it's a service company, or you've build a product work, a lot with technology based startups to companies in Silicon Valley and look. Like you, you've given up this old world, probably a desk job office job, and so they company dedicated your life to building a product building service, and the first thing you WanNa do is go tell everybody how great it's. And you're out there like pushing and selling and the biggest problem that you have at this is that most people actually aren't even buying right now? It's not that they're not interested or they don't see that view. Just they're just not in a buying mode, either because they have other priorities or they just don't have the problem that he's all right. Those so much time and effort is is exhausted when you go out there and sell as opposed to take a step back. I just thinking about how do I sort out who in the market is interested in needs to? To that product that I have built and who has the problem I saw do do you find that you have to put a lot of Elvis on your sledgehammer? When you're sharing this with somebody? That's new. That's coming to you or do you find that? Hey, if you hit him right between the eyes. oftentimes, that is a way. It's a great wakeup. call either. One of those could possibly work for me, but I'm thinking probably the former, rather than the latter being gentle with me, probably works a lot better well. What I find usually is more sense of relief because. Again most people will it start? Companies aren't necessarily salespeople. I happen to be in sales for a long time. I started a company, but most people have either been product person especially in the tech, world or engine near. Maybe they're a CFO. They decided to start up financial services company of some kind. They don't necessarily never done sales, so sales is really intimidating. It's really scary. And as soon as I, tell him like. Hey, guess what first thing you do, stop selling. They go well. That's awesome. That's really for me anymore. So take to the next step because I. Love where you're heading here. Because I think I know where you're going from a guy that wrote a book called Nice Guys Finish First, I absolutely I think I know where you're going. But where where do you take it from there? Thank God they don't have to sell anymore. What is the? What's the next step for them? Then so I I just look at it from and like how? How are you curious like? Most founders of companies are curious. PEOPLE WANNA go learn stuff, and so if you go and. And Look at okay you. You probably have a pretty clear hypothesis about who is your target market for whatever product or service that you are building, and so the first thing you gotta do is just say okay base in that target market. Let's have some conversations with people who we think should be the buyers, and let's understand okay.

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