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All right so the also got it with the flow network end. The thinking are loud network is on a podcast at some. At alexa we'll go. Tv just says check it out. Okay i got to new shows. Yeah to new shows. Just to touch at approbations. That's going to be thrilled wise. I'm putting that out. There actually is just essentially pockets but they won't be played very day. See y'all don't get debt then y'all are getting a the hottest entertainment segment. Y'all know i do that. I'll tell you what was going on. So i can do the music tributes and you know whatever it is that i wanna do. I put it out the of pieces for you. In the entertainment business unit was going on. We had a lot of stuff to just popped off lately so we want to talk about that and they'll be just today show late nights. You know we'll be doing things with that. That's all i can say about that. Okay now we your status when we wanna pieces. I don't know if you'll like. But i can't stand it. I think just like. I got a one or two step. I got sell your two pieces. I so let's get to this message okay. Historians satellite ready. Here here go. This is going to be so. I'm about to save somebody's life like i feel like god told me. This is pathetic message for somebody somebody out there. Your need this like i needed. We all need this okay. We got a little bit of some this information wrong okay. It's some information is wrong or right put out there. Big begun. Guess we bought to talk about haiti's talk about heaters. I love talking about. Heat is so startled right. Seahawks starts single. Okay all right. I guess i could start off with you when we started offi okay. He signed me. Start off with my one of the guys. I used days. Names roy shout voice castro during good michelle. Check him out. He's all his thing. He's a rapper jersey. You know salute to you. Check him out support him. He's amazing right. Use the long time we was young right. I had no animosity donate like they're just go. Okay so what happened is the i remember. He was doing his thing. Okay he was going to hit this he start. I start doing his his music and stuff and i was sitting there. I'll be like what's what's doing he would be like. I'm emailing every last one of my fans and stuff. And i'll be like your but i'm like okay. Whatever i would think that was a nursing school yo- okay. I'm just shopping for you. I would think about social media no net. But that was his thing so you know since he was telling you about. Hey this is the so. Wendy i want to him. I was so set. You may hate me. And i will never forget these words. He was smiling. He is right. If feel good note he started laughing. House like feel good. Because i've been getting but later on got it when the haters story in on you desa sign that you got some type of value or by. Gosh y'all so. This is just saturday right so look guy who gave me this word. Lv right south san diego last night. I told my mom like you got to do a dis- sunday's word tomorrow. Which is why i do this. Sunday's where you know we're going to elevate and i'm telling her you know you've got to be from your garden game. I'm doing it down. She gives me stuff. And i'm going back and forth and then a day watching the past right so watch. The family. new jersey. Church watched him. You know he was talking a good message then. I wanna has watson bishop the bishop shelter you bishop. Td jakes if you listen yes yes because you know who listen to you baby. I said you just such an trumpet out there piece of what you then. Tj cuts off like right at the end delays. Ally terry back. Who'll right and kiara henderson was up my past. That's my i'll go to their church right. Some wash him online at night. I feel like he are about to give me so now guy had already told me about a week ago in my town kion about star. Lead you to start listening to dropping deng xiaoping kia in. Thank you for sharing your stories and like okay. Now look can't is thorough in. I'm telling you what we do. Mankin has like yo ons has brought me through stuff okay. You're listening to. I'm always talking about handed it so anywhere. Chaos starts talking about genesis. All right now we get the we get fluidity. He starts talking abou. It's a passage in genesis right. This was about right his message. Today's defendant jacob right. But he did this little thing while he was talking about the haters. Just four law. So he goes genesis. He gets twenty nine thirty one so he goes. I want you to get this. He goes and when the lord saw leah was hated he opened up her womb. He say when annoys saw. Leo is hated. He opened up the key. He saw that she was hated like people was like. Hey in order any opened up a room. She can have kids and he opened it up. She have kids and he was like you know. God is gonna open up some things for your the haters. Okay gaffe just got something to do with the elevation right. But my elevation haters like you know i thought you had to be separated from the old version of you and i'm like wait a minute. God what is it that you say. Oh my god is a god. Dropped down me look. I can't get it out. This say he say see the haters they help elevate you to the next level so wait a minute. Haters elevate shoots next level. He say that's okay. We'll hold open itself where he said you need. Will they take you to the next level. Okay i so we got. Give me an example. He said okay member. You made the haters pass. Injury could see your had. These people in my family was hateful. Y'all my gosh. Sarah and put names out to you but it was hating on me right so i told one of my cousin. Macos like man. You should make so so. We're going back and forth like you should call the haters pastors rate shout right so i'm like no come with a drink called behaviors past journal. Megan a make trump core right. So i came out with his drink hate his passenger right. So then i got a call. And you rely jill. We would like to interview you on our morning. Show in atlanta. And i'm like were we want to interview you. Talk about. the hate is passenger. Baby this is just to take. You'll hear that y'all here day see somebody was. Hey enormity right. And then it started to elevate me to the next level. I saw the utah to get this. So i wind up going on the show right and i want to show it. He starts talking to me and this. He say he goes. Has anybody compares you to the to the black g garvan the female garbage. He said that's what you remind me. You smooth and not as talk to me about his passion injury. And i said you know haters hate with a passion you know. Hey does acknowledge me being this management. That's all hate dysle- backwards..

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