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He's defending the state in one case because the state was sued and none of the other because the state wasn't suit Jeff poach. come on a news looper and lift drivers in king county could soon be required to take specialized training to recognize signs of sex trafficking almost two Romero has the story the county council unanimously approved a plan to develop training for all for hire drivers to make them aware of human sex trafficking how to recognize a victim and what to do about it co sponsored by councilmember gene call wells I've heard stories about drivers who are suspicious about what's going on with their passengers the training would be for all current and new for hire drivers including lift uber and taxi drivers in king county a deadline of April first twenty twenty has been set for the county to come up with a new training curriculum C. Romero companies come on news time five at triple a traffic every ten minutes on the four circuits marina Rocancourt we do have a new problem south on highway ninety nine just past the tunnel it's a stolen vehicle that's blocking the right lane just before royal brome way so it is causing slowdowns through the tunnel southbound I. five a solid from north gate into Seattle both bridges really struggling from the east side as you head across Lake Washington south bound for five is heavy in Bellevue from five twenty to new castle north found gonna be tough from five twenty into Kirkland and in the south sound region south on I five so pretty heavy from ha highway eighteen through five northbound I. five is crawling from highway seven on up to the people of river bridges southbound I. five is now getting sluggish through the JV LM area mainly between main gate and dupont your next come much traffic at five forty four thanks Marino this update sponsored by eBay check eBay before you pay too much for that thing you love and get exactly which one for a price that works for you when you're overpaying get.

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