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I think maybe a couple weeks ago or something. There was one that really got me going. I think this pizza. Yeah this one. So infuriating were thankfully almost the end but amanda rafael. their families. The entire world was stunned. Especially in the us when you're used to like if you get off or you're convicted or acquitted your fine like your without charge. You're done like you don't need to face trial for that again. But everyone was shocked. So let's see. Obviously they still maintain their innocence on. May i two thousand fourteen. Amanda didn't interview a cnn where she asserted. I did not kill my friend. I did not wield knife. I had no reason to. She's probably ingrained. These into her fucking brain by now should probably heard daily affirmation yet like literally. Yeah so then. On march twenty seven two thousand fifteen and italian supreme court thank the lord overturned mandate conviction for the murder of her roommate meredith curvature so she and rafael finally free. I'm guessing there's probably some limit on how many times you can retry somebody because now. Apparently they're they're like they're out of there. Why did they overturn it again. Why it was just the same kind of process all over again. There lawyers appealed it. They brought the same forensic evidence to the table. They had to like sit in jail again while they this. I don't think so. I think it was going through the appeals process and they were just waiting so they thought they were going to end up going back to jail but reeve live your nightmare and after everything you went through for three years almost exact same amount of time..

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