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VW. It's funny. The heaviest guy in show business as a car the lease stores, fire tidiest, Titus space, ever. Now the guy does it right. It's David Spade. He weighs like one hundred and thirty pounds and he's got mope par for forty credit nationals, and he's got cars a little more horse. Yeah. By the way, David Spade, I saw at a couple of lake auctions America like RAM auctions out here, like just. I'll be enough and Josh Brolin. We saw in Monterey. I didn't know that he was a car guy, but. Apparently he is or he just likes free cheese and wine. Well, either way, there are some dudes out there and. One of them and not going to be on the show. But also are you a comedian and drink coffee and you like ours? I would argue that if you put me in the passenger seat of whatever Jerry pick me up in. I would be funny than most people picking. So let's forget about the car. All you'd be talking about the car for the entire episode. I would know something about the car's. All right. Any updates max patent. What do we think they're working on it? They rush right over there. Sure, they are. All right. Okay. I talked about it before yesterday, or I didn't know that, while I didn't say, need those clips, I just went, what's up with the stuff like my whole, did did you get this stuff? And they wear around implying that we're going into a week. With shows casts Moby. I know Nate has a big webinar for the Memed documentary in the sure, but he's got twenty people. Right does have ten people. Yeah, well vacation, someone's on vacation anyway. I don't know. What do we? Yeah. All right. I'm saying if you want me to talk if you put on my list, talk about put it on your list of find. Well, I just wanted you mentioned that you saw and talk about what you put, like I do. Yes. I would definitely mention I saw. But when it be cool to show Matt thirty seconds of the car, firing up when I'm saying if I'm talking about it. That's what I'm saying to everyone all the time. If you're going to talk about it might as well hear it show. It see it whatever. Okay. So that going. Well, what did you do in Portland? Oh man. Well, I did a lot of Oregon Portland stuff. I went out initially to afford brought me out to test drive new Ford explorers. Such important car for them. The explorer was the first real SUV created the category. So similar to like an F one fifty. They have the means to invest into a vehicle like that substantially and make it good. So we were at a lodge about forty five minutes or so outside of Portland started their picked us up at the airport took took me over there. And and had had a day plan, what do they said you, can we have explorers all over? We have the two point three liter ecoboost four-cylinder three hundred horsepower. We have the, the three sixty five EKO boost three liter six owner, and we have the hybrid and then the S T, which is a four hundred horsepower sport version, and we started off by just doing like an off grow off road. Course you go on hill. You, you hit the hill descent mode, and it goes. Down the hill, all by itself controls, traction and everything. And then you get up on a real angle up on a hill, and it kinda has an angle meter in there to show you of your twenty six twenty eight degrees, it, the water in my it's right. So back in the day, I had like a ninety three ninety four. Ninety four Nissan maxima with, like leather air visa baller. I would always say to my friend or anybody go, you can get more car than this, but you don't really need more car than this than the times, like at a pretty good v six.

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