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So it's just it's a it's a mix. It's a wishlist, it's a broad statement of priorities. We don't actually know what it would look like when you know, the details of policy making, you know, come up and Bill starts to be drafted. Now. The president says that it would permanently. Eliminate all planes cars cows oil gas and the military. You're the fact checker if any legislation was created from the green new deal proposal would any of those things happen. Certainly not the military cows airplanes cars, you know, some things are engrained into society. You know for lawmakers to be able to get rid of them, even if they wanted to I certainly it's not in the resolution itself right now. So no one is really talking about that there's been some confusion because you know, some supporting materials have been, you know, causing some confusion and had been misinterpreted. But the fact is you know, none of that is in the offing. There's a good question what these goals would mean for the oil industry, right because the green new deal calls for, you know, zero emissions all clean renewable energy. And so, you know, by extension that does mean getting rid of, you know, sources like oil energy. But we'll see I mean again, it comes down to legislation and this is yet not everything in the green new deal as you've mentioned has to do with pollution and energy. Why was medical leave retirement included in this wishlist, you know? That's the new deal part of the green near deal. Right. I mean. Mix old new deal and the green new deal precisely. So the Democrats say this is a two for a lot of things in there. But you know, you can describe it as a twofer in that there's all sorts of economic and social guarantees healthcare higher education and jobs being well and also retirement security and some other things like medical leave. What you mentioned, and then there's all the environmental priorities that are in there as well. Thanks for setting a straight Salvador Rizzo, the facts check from the Washington Post..

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