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On the offbeat In wells Maine, the dog is in the doghouse because he walked out onto his master's house. Right through an upstairs window and onto the roof took, a. Fire truck, ladder and a persuasive firefighter to get him back inside that's just Toby doesn't start climbing trees in Park City Utah Mark Redican. And his wife were playing around with Gough when they ran into a, hazard, a moose which chased them twice onto, consecutive holes probably one of the through it happened at lake Smith near Virginia Beach Virginia where Jeffrey dill. Landed, a Flathead catfish a world's record sixty eight pound Flathead catfish only took, him fifteen minutes and, probably fifteen pounds of sweat oh what. To, do about those gifts which are endangering, flyers lives at Charleston west Virginia's Gaiger airport whether or. Not, pooping over anything inside well heaven. Forbid, we get a shot gun shoot the vermin and feed the meat to. The homeless no they've hired a dog, fly, away Greg they, call, him to bark the geese Away after all it's got the blessings of pita ignoring my really fine idea to feed, the homeless they've got an idea that's actually working in sonoma's County California where. Scarecrows have been replaced with lasers too frightened birds from, eating. Crops truly, for solar powered green laser lights cost forty thousand dollars but they lose fifty thousand to the birds every year Florida's been rather. Rainy in recent weeks which has left a lot of snakes slithering for, higher, ground that includes a few venomous cotton, now snakes all wet looking for any dry place and leaving human residents watching where they walk because some. Of, those snakes can be rather striking it wasn't something police fight everyday along, interstate forty four near, strafford Missouri a dead black bear apparently. Hit, by a vehicle at apparently not connected,.

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