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Penalty because of where it is so it's okay the height that's at is just not high enough for you to say that's a. That's a good height for. It's not a terrible height but the the point is it's quite close to him so he's to get down and he's got to be agile to get law to it and save it and he did. It's a better save. I think in time appreciate it. more now. data was crestfallen with with his with his effort. He knew he didn't strike it the way want to. He didn't put it firing off in the corner yet. Not a grid penalty but you still gotta save that. Absolutely did andrew. I know we're jumping around here but it's such as the nature of tonight. We have talked about. You know we didn't see an awful lot of the new. Us or the us we we believe were were entering. The era of the young players combination plays more front foot approach. But i would say that. I've marked to moments so i don't forget about them. I'm going to mention them now. On thirty four minutes the us pressed one the back through mckennie unreal. Raina got on it and he fired cry across ball. Really really. Good ball which sergeant. It's not that he didn't read it he just couldn't get get on the end of it and i thought well that's evidence of a front foot approach which i'd like to see more of from gregg berhalter. Which is you know pressing. If you can't work the ball all the time through your midfielders like a cost or like mckennie to the areas that you want to you know turnovers are like what your top said. Turnovers are like having a number ten you create so much through them if you win the ball in the right area. Suddenly you're in an advantageous position. The second one. I wanted to talk about which is really good combination. Play happened around the hour. Mark which was a really big. Chance for when mckinney forced the save and from the one i mentioned before with sergeant on the rebound attempt dot. Yes well which it hopped up just awkwardly in a little bit to the site for which made it difficult but my point about that with the build up to that was really nice to so it's not i don't want anyone to come away with this god. Those guys were negative not be negative. I'm saying this team can play. Where can play in the style. Let that we want to see going forward. It has the personnel to do so. We saw only in flashes tonight but often andrew dot is the way of final goals. Finals are not classics. They're often gritty absorbing affairs. Tonight just happened to have five goals them. Yeah and look by the same token. I don't know that mexico like we're sitting here poking holes in what the us did tonight and what we expect from. We're doing that in a win. I mean what are they thinking on the mexican side right now. I mean that was obviously not a perfect performance from them by any stretch no. They had their chances. They they did score a couple goals You talk about turning points. They were barely denied. A second one early on the The var review of the side which was a lovely move clever corner. Kick move guys out a position and kellyn kosta and weston mckennie were asleep. The backboard yeah So you know that could have been a massive moment in its own right but ultimately this was not a great game for mexico. Either and you know the americans have something to do with that You know. I thought defensively before we end this podcast. We'll get into our takeaways from these past couple of games moving forward into the gold cup and world cup qualifying But you know defensively. There are issues. But ultimately i thought john brooks for the most part was was good again. Tonight i i. I think it's and it's not always his fault. Brooke stepping into the midfield trying to win like he gives away a lot of trying to win balls. I don't think the centre-half should be trying to win. But i think that's. I think that's a midfield issue rather than a Ah john brooks issue. Yeah that could very well be i mean. I don't know you mentioned it being midfield issue. I don't think that's our preferred midfield. I'm a little bit surprised. We didn't see yunus mussa in this one but clearly. It's one of those things. I guess i'll have to trust the manager I think i think way coming into the game. When he did was good. Andrew i taught i taught. He showed a lot of life. A lot of purpose He was quite direct and Under was was much more of a of a collective willingness to to filter back as well from the from the formation change that was made towards the end of the game. I can't even remember right now. I walk point. We went to a a solid back. Four a permanent back four but we did During the game My i. I don't think i've watched a game in a long long time and i know it was one hundred twenty minutes. Where so much happened like you know there was. The five goal is sure if it was just the goals we had to analyze this. Be easy but there was so many different things happen. We haven't even mentioned. We lost our goalkeeper our number one goalkeeper in the middle of it We haven't even really analyze the first school where he thinks. Mackenzie is obviously egregiously at fault. And to a lesser extent. I'm worried about how many shots at a high level close to him. Go in with doc stephan but Yeah i mean those are both look mackenzie to me. That he's the one tonight who will be feeling worst about that You had mentioned headline and the role. He played with With that go. i'll say this about he. He in classic. The andre headline style did get back and recovered on that. Play and was able to get it to mackenzie and you think ok bullet todd. Nice job the andrea showing speed getting back and then obviously. The rest is history in terms of stephen's role in in considering that goal. I know you texted me straight out And said that you've got to do better than that. it's i. I can see why you'd say that i saw matt. Doyle tweeted also horvath. Would've saved it. I know. I know it's not that it's just the way. He moves his head and the way he lowers himself. At that point. It reminded me very much. The mcginn goal in the friendly. They're few weeks back against northern ireland. I just think a big guy has gotta do better with those near pool shots the now look in fairness to stephan saved a one v one a little bit later on in a huge moment in the game So i give them credit for that he is. He is a good shot stopper. He's a good goalkeeper But it's close between him and horvath. I'm not just saying that because horvath came on and was the hero tonight before this game. I think you and i would have said that. The you know it's a. It's a fairly thin line between those two And this was. This was a big night certainly for and horvath to maybe gain some ground on that number one job a couple notes that i did want to point out about mexico Okay boy. jj. I mean you could tell diego line has comes on and i put my notes here. Seventy eight th minute. Sub linas comes on from mexico and looks really ready to make an impact. That was before much happen. Then like then one minute later seventy nine th minute in my notes goal linas gets in the box. I mean ream giving him just so much space to get it. Settle at bring inside and blast one past horvath You know that guy tonight. Sometimes you can just see when like a player sort of emerging in some ways before your eyes And to me diego line. Was that guy who jumped off the screen tonight. He came on as a sub. Maybe they were tired legs around him. I'm sure there were but boy he was. He was ready for the moment and he was terrific in a cameo appearance so i give him all the credit in the world. You know you can see. There are some young talent over there like we talk about the veteran players from mexico that we saw out there tonight the continue to make an impact. But there's you know they have a next generation coming forward to that are gonna be dangerous for us for the americans to face for years to come and he he looks like one of those guys But then the other thing. I wanted to mention. I guess. That's the good the bad i mean. This is more on the referee. I think than it is mexico. But i mean what is hector. Harare have to do to get sent off. I mean my god that that to me was. I don't understand like the referee. In in that situation there like herrera's already on a.

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