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A woman orgasm boosts hosts a man's ego perpetuating the stereotype that women are a mere appendage of men in response to his belief that many of women's ills belong to the fact that they didn't have a penis and were jealous of men for having won a female contemporary came up with the alternate theory of womb envy also soon as vagina envy. This is an alternative theory that states that men are actually jealous of women because they do not have a womb and thus cannot create life to make up for this jealousy. Men tried to construct businesses instead so it feels like they're creating something. One feminist even makes the argument that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is essentially a story about a man with a serious case of womb envy. Perhaps Freud's wildest theory at at least associated with penis envy which is saying something is the plating or weaving theory according to Freud women were born with Genital Deficiency Agency and inherent inferiority that combined with their lack of aggression led them to contribute little to the advancement of civilization save for one skill skill pleading and weaving why women were motivated to invent pleading in weaving out of shame not shame for not having invented granted the cool things minute invented but of their unconscious desire to hide their shameful castration according to Freud early women attempted attempted to breed their pubic hair together in order to better conceal their lack of external Genitalia having mastered the plate women easily went onto onto invent the art of weaving there is of course no anthropological evidence to back up his theory on the origins of weaving as there was rarely evidence from other scientific disciplines to backup most affords proclamations and I know some people pronounce the word P. L. Ait as Platt like they do on the great British bake off but I've always we said his plate intersecting the topics of homosexuality and misogyny for it believed that homosexuality in men while neurotic was it's not particularly problematic. lesbianism on the other hand was a gateway to mental illness. This is because only men have moral sense to control. There's homosexual desires boys aren't born with this moral sense but acquire it through the castration complex the fear that their father will emasculate them for misbehavior if you're having no external genitals to fear for girls and women will lie in connive to get what they want they must be guided through civilized life by their father and then their husband because lesbians don't marry men they remain loose cannons fundamentally untrustworthy for its daughter. Our Anna was his closest intellectual and emotional companion and a lesbian sort of flies in the face for its teachings that lesbianism is always the fault of the father and is curable by psychoanalysis create cautioned followers that analysis is an erotic relationship. Analyst and patient must scrutinize the amorous. Chris feelings that flow between them this being the case by rules. He asked his followers to honour Freud could not attempt to cure his own daughter's lesbianism. When Anna was twenty three an apparent relationship with a woman he took her into analysis anyway for six nights a week for the next few years he the NFL dissect her masturbation fantasies which featured an angry father figure beating a child who made a mistake over which she had no control. Can you think of anything more cringe-worthy than having to discuss your fantasies with your father having him make them about himself hell about if he then lectured appeared on them. Fruit spoke publicly about Anniston twosies at a conference while Anna sat on stage in the wife's chair near the podium in a small saving grace he didn't actually identify the patient but we know it was because when she wanted to become an analyst she described the same fantasies in a paper deeper called beating fantasies and daydreams try as he might for it was never able to correct in as lesbianism she enjoyed joy fifty plus years of happy monogamy with the heiress of the tiffany jewelry fortune homosexual desires were also the root cause of Paranoia Roya in for its thinking unreasonable. Paranoia is a commonly observed symptoms associated with mental illness for whatever reason Freud saw paranoia as a projection of unconscious homosexual desire for it also thought that paranoia might be a defense mechanism for protecting self esteem and this is the only aspect of the theory of paranoia that is still taken even a little seriously today later psychoanalyst's generally discarded for its original regional theory of paranoia and came to agree that the deeply hidden psychological cause was not a projection of repressed homosexuality but rather a projection of repressed childhood aggression. This theory seems to make a bit more sense since most paranoid people are paranoid about someone or something intending to harm them from a purely scientific perspective however the cause of paranoia is still unknown but Freud also believed that people had an innate eight bisexuality though that term refers more to gender than sexual preference. Everyone has both active and passive aspects to their personality behavior for thought active aspects as being inherently masculine and passive aspects as being inherently feminine therefore everyone everyone must be a mix of masculine and feminine components so everyone must be inherently bisexual. This idea was strengthened. If not arrived at by his colleague Wilhelm Fleiss the ear nose and throat doctor earlier he became Freud's closest friend through four its most productive period and Freud Freud bounce ideas off of Fleiss vice versa like Freud Fleiss was highly ambitious and able to dream up some pretty wild theories. Both men also believed believed that sexual problems masturbation in particular played a key role in the cause of neurotic illness. Even though Fleiss wasn't ear nose and throat specialist list he began to treat hysteria depression and anxiety in patients by applying his own weird fusion of psychoanalysis and knows doctoring during fleiss believed that changes inside the nose were directly related to the genitals and that this was especially observable in menstruating women in in whom he would sometimes cauterize the nasal passages or remove part of the nasal bones to stop excessive ministration since nasal passage changes were observable in both sexes according to Fleiss that was consistent with our bisexual Constitution Freud and fleiss eventually had a falling hanging out when fleiss began to insist that Freud had stolen his ideas about innate bisexuality which he had confided to Freud but had not yet published sometime sometime after the relationship ended for it explained in letters to a friend that Fleiss influence over him had been a manifestation of Freud's own latent homosexual longing eh which he had managed to overcome unlike paranoid people interestingly for later encountered a similar problem in his relationship with Carl our young it seems like Sigmund Freud never met a treatment. He didn't like he practiced electro therapy for at least two years though he claimed to have soon soon realized it was a placebo and promptly stopped using it he sent patients despise for immobility and fattening regiments he prescribed ABC Hydro therapy he steered patients to a gynecologist who treated his Cyril Women with surgical procedures hysterectomies and quitter addicted. He put patients in needless jeopardy acting on impulsive sometimes fatal misjudgements for its pattern of patient treatment showed that he interpreted transient symptomatic improvements as cures and failed to do any follow up. If you looked a little better you were on your own. In the first few years of his practice he was preoccupied with the rank and status of his patients he came to specialize in one particular disease of the rich hysteria which could never be cured and which generated a continuous stream of income when some of his historic patients were subsequently shown to have of organic diseases he still maintained that hysteria was part of the clinical picture he never admitted being wrong in one case saying that while his his diagnosis had not been correct it had not been incorrect either. A prime example of this behavior is the case of Anna O one of the foundational cases of psychoanalysis the prototype for the Cathartic Cure Freud and colleague Joseph Breuer claims that Anna O had recovered after your treatment when in fact she had gotten worse to the point of needing to be hospitalized after leaving psychoanalytical treatment Anna improved on her own and eventually led a successful life as an activist opposing the sex trade. Freud claimed that her activism was a manifestation of her unconsciously wanting to to prevent her mother from having sex with her father. It's entirely possible that Anna Oh didn't even have a psychiatric illness but rather a physical neurological one and many of her most troubling symptoms were caused by the morphine addiction that came along with retreatment looking back to ancient in Greece for a name again. Catharsis is when people feel better after venting their feelings a term stuttle coined after observing the audiences.

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