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Well let's move ahead to the world and mixed martial arts. Let's talk about this past saturday. Let's talk about. Jared cannon. Air defeats kelvin gasoline. Five brown decision pretty. Good fight guys have been out for a while. Had some injuries came back. Calvin gasoline is a very difficult guy to look against in jarred candy or had his moments. Also he comes back and gets the victory so before we get into. Probably the bigger story here spencer. Just your overall thoughts about jerry. Ken nears performance and what he was able to do against. Calvin gasoline this past saturday. I mean as you said. Calvin a tough out. It's a good win. A- looked he looked solid. i thought he won. Three of the five rounds just as the judge did. I thought that was pretty clear. An calvin is has questioned otherwise and his corners throughout the fight where we're telling him otherwise which was suspect but i thought cannon near looked good as you said he's been offer while he's coming off the loss to robert whitaker and the broken arm and and getting back into the swing of things anyone out there and we looked good in the. I clearly took the second round off. Goes out and gets the third and fourth to put himself in that kinda. Don't get knocked out. Don't get finished zone. And that's kind of how the fifth round plato and so it's going handling business the way you need to at times in spots this because this was also a short notice fight right like this was kelvin. Gosselin jumping in for paulo costs. So it's not like he spent the whole time getting ready for calvin gosselin and i mean honest slide. So you're maybe not as as up for it as you are the prospects of going in and facing paulo kosta whose only losses to israel out of sonya and. Maybe put you right next in line and so to go out and handle business. The way he did he gets full marks for for doing his job. He looked good. I think he has a chance to look better next time out. There's clearly still some room to to grow and improve. But he handled business and did what he needed to do. What did you think jed what what. What would you give. Jared ken near for grade. Whether it be five out of ten fifty out of one hundred however you want to scale this thing up jed how would you grade candidates performance. That's like a c on. Oh sorry guess what saw like seventy four out of one hundred. It's one of those things you know. We're coming off the olympic cycle and we just watched you know all these sports that have judges criteria for them and all of them gymnastics and diving and all the other stuff. It there are two factors. It's how you do and your degree of difficulty gerakan near did fine like a totally acceptable thing. We have very low. Degree of difficulty is tell gossip sucks. Here's one one win over currently relevant. Middleweight like i. I'm just pretending that we need to treat kelvin gasoline like. He's legit middleweight prospect. Like he's a fine doesn't suck. He's a very competent fighter. And that's it. There's no shame in being competent fighter. Like that still put you in the ninety nine point nine nine percent of the world for like he has a win over. Heinisch that's it. That's the only relevant win. He has in his career. When you start a you said you know. He's a hard guy to look good against. And that's maybe true. He's in general more difficult to like look exceptional against but in horgos a beat because five people beat him in the last couple of years here and granted he's fighting tough dudes but at some point if you find a bunch of tough dudes you need to win one of them for me to care about you. As a middleweight. The cell he he we talked about this last week he until have unbel- unrivaled ability to fail upwards like i don't understand coming off this clearly. Lost he's insane to pretend that i won this. I thought i took it no. You obviously didn't. And then he he post erkan striking stats on his twitter. Look i'll destructive you shokhin by one strike. Three rounds any dropped. You one told me deal with it. You low like it's not boggles my mind that that we are still like. Yeah tell the gospel. That's like a great win win. It is a win over somebody who's relevant and that is good but like celtic should not be in anybody's rankings. We do our intimate fighting rankings. At the end of this month. I'm not putting him in my fifteen. I refuse because he has a widow in heinisch. And you don't get style points for losing these rata sonya. Well like you didn't win the fight pro so that's like a year. She did his job and he did his job against short-notice replacement and so you can't really take away from because long fence is that it's not a higher preparing for. Maybe you're not as up for it because you probably as a professional fighter are the kelvin gospel on this very smoke and mirrors in his selling points and but he did his job and he's going to get himself a title fight. But i didn't come out of that by thinking man that dude's to do to test dizzy sweet. That's going to be another solid win on a distant is You know on his bell when he gets the ruby we like. Oh that was jerry near with. That was a good win as relevant high-quality middleweight and i defeated. That is what. I left that by thanking special. Go back to you because we talked about the win. He was out for a little while. Coming up the whitaker loss wants to get to a title. Sure you're in the main event and people are talking about you but the thing that got people talking more than anything. Was the post fight interview talking about being broke and then he went on the hour and sort of peeled back the onion so to speak of where it comes from saying essentially like you know what the ufc treats as. Well you know me. Not fighting sucks cost me. Some time cost me a good amount of money but listen we are professional athletes. We should. I should have six figures in my bank account. Right now untouched. That's just what we are fighting on. Espn we're professional athletes at the highest level. So with everything that cannon air did on saturday on monday with ariel and just talking about the situation did he move the needle at all in either direction like whether just for the fighter right side or for i'm one of the top middleweights in the world side. I mean i think as profile is increased which which will help him in the. I'm one of the top middleweights in the world. Because he really is. he's one of us. Said is in that group at the top of the division that puts them in the one percentile and so in that regard it certainly moved the needle and he's gotten a lot more attention for what he said and being on a platform like the ma our with your colleague and my friend area awani. Does it really change a lot for him. Does it move the needle in terms of people are going to be clamoring for the next jared cannon near fight probably not because unfortunately in this community people have really short memories and they like shouting about the cause of the day and then moving onto the next thing and we've seen over many many years that there's only a handful of fighters that are gonna generate an and command that interest and hold onto it from for a long long time and as good as jet jared cannon. Air is as valid as everything he said. Monday is he just one of those guys. And so yup people remember this win and they'll remember them because we'll replay the the interview with ariel talk about it again whenever his next gets announced in whatever that fight then comes up. But he's not a guy that people are going to be like circling the calendar to make sure like setting a google alert for jared cannon near fight news. And that's you know that's not a knock on him. That's just the way that this business works in the way that this community seems to function judge higgins head. I mean listen. We're he felt like if can there be gasoline. His position was pretty clear. Fighting the winner of dr until versus derek brunson and then hopefully gets on the road to the title so i think in terms of his performance. Yeah he gets a win. And that's great all the headlines. Were the comments afterwards jet. So do you think like other fighters were like picked up the phone and call. Jared like dude. Well done like. Let's start form tribe. Let's get this thing done. let's do it. Nobody's been able to do before. Like.

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