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Story comes out from the very blunt very candid very frank todd haley todd haley the offensive coordinator for the browns this is why like blunt people say what they shouldn't say publicly here is on baker mayfield anytime you're a young quarterback coming into this league especially a quarterback you it's gonna take time you got a lot of different things you're dealing with at that position for him guy that's been a gun ninety nine percent of the time you know in this division i think you have to be under center some whether it's running or play action and you know those are some things he's really had to work hard at he's got a long way to go i would say it's clear tyrod the leader of this team that's pretty frank that's not what i'm hearing about the quarterbacks one of the reasons i said baker mayfield is an nfl player but he's not a number one pick man number one picks come in and you got to win the room he's not a guy that's gonna win the room unless he is absolutely the greatest leader we've ever seen or so brilliant the line of scrimmage like drew brees he's historic because he's kind of a small marginally athletic guy it's hard enough to how is your carson wentz number one or cam number one there's resentment when you'll be baker mayfield man i think cleveland is underestimated this he's not going to win the room quickly sam darnold the nether pressure number one and i tasted about sam darnold usc just raving about him todd haley he's like this guy's got a long way to go in the leader of our team one of the things that worried about baker was not only did he goes number one a lot of pressure for a guy who had told things the most talented quarterback but it is hard to impress other alpha's i knew lamar jackson with everybody in baltimore all you have to do is that lamar scramble a little bit on the outrun your corners all the guys are gonna be like football practice all the guys were like year but on the sidelines right.

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