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Are preparing to bring down what remains of that condo tower. ABC's Trevor Ault is there at the site of the collapsed Champlain towers. South. Authorities say it simply isn't safe for anyone to go back inside this building before they demolish it, and some residents are understandably upset about that, especially those who had to hurry out of this building without their pets. And while it is the fourth of July Miami Beach has canceled their celebrations today. Because of this tragedy. Meanwhile, we'll get the latest now on Elsa, bearing down on the Florida Panhandle from Rob Marciano looks to be getting a little bit better organized about eight miles to the east of Kingston, Jamaica. Tropical storm warnings up there up for most of Cuba as well, and tropical storm watches now are up for Florida Keys as this track brings it into the Florida Straits Monday afternoon. That's when we'll start to see impact into Miami. On Tuesday afternoon and through a Tampa and then getting up into the Southeast. But on this track, even if it goes 50 miles, either direction. All of the Florida peninsula, including Miami will be impacted. You will keep an eye on Elsa, The man who police say shot a man at David Buster's last week, was arrested and arraigned on Friday. John Perez, now in the Hamilton County lock up his bond is $400,000. He's facing a probation violation and Felonious assault charges. The man he shot was expected to recover. We've not heard any more about him. The shooting came after a fight between two large groups that David Busters that went in Springdale off of 2 75. Last Monday night. 700 wlw sport threads beat the Cubs.

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