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We have a breaking blend Bourbon. Phone call coming in, Natalie. Well, okay, We're gonna take you with Wow. Lin. He's out of the recovery. 11. What When is when they're high. Hey, How are you How you're feeling? You guys were making fun of me. I can tell you all morning long. Unbelievable. We've got a way to get a big left. We got a big laugh. When Natalie said you're in the recovery room they make they wanted, they observed, you know? You guys are clowns. You hear? There's a pendant. Well, now then, Now you want to get yourself back to your dad right away. Don't you run our way way. Have a way. Headed that way on. Uh, I just wanna I don't wanna give a shout out to the Javits son. I think the people they're just tremendous Yes, they have a great operation. They have the National guard helping out and they give you a free bottle of water when you're done, so I mean, it's great. Fabulous and it was painless, too, right? It was paying impact. When she did it. I said he had done she said. Yeah, I didn't feel a thing was great. Oh, great. All right. Well, thanks for checking in. Just wait. Lin, wait till this afternoon. It wasn't really kicks in really bad. Bad reaction about 24 hours, Right, Blowing me off the air already been gone for 30 seconds. It's plenty. It's plenty. We promote Alice lent and living by your rules. If we promote, we have to do it. Yeah. Do it. If you're pro boat, you gotta do it. You can see you got to do it. All right. Bye, guys. See, you have a good weekend Monday. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Hey, Alice, Alice Stockton. Rosine, er, crackerjack Reporters She's out there. The Brooklyn Bridge. Now the mayor wants to put in more bike lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge. I don't know how to Brooklyn is the New Yorkers feel about that Alice? They're so excited about it. But you know what I'm excited about is that you know, um, just to see what a mess it is going to be when they actually start constructing these lanes, and they start blocking lanes off to build the lanes and make them useful. Mixed reviews really Bottom line. Hey, wants to replace the Manhattan down car lane with a protected to a bike lane on the Brooklyn Bridge and make an existing bike and pedestrian path on the Queensboro Bridge. Likes only convincing everybody okay?.

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