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Right. I mean this team looks good. And sure enough they go out they beat them as the four seed, and then they go on to win the whole title, and when they want and I just called my dad up. I was watching this go. Of deserve to be there. Now, don't they? Yeah. That was impressive. I mean, that's the whole thing because you feel for TCU and Gary Patterson, but then when Ohio State gets in and they find a way to win it all and take out the number one team in the process was pretty impressive guarantee. My dad's cracking up right now at school. I can't wait to meet him next can be cool because I'm friends with a lot of the old school raiders cliff branch, Fred Belinda, cough. I actually did a Super Bowl party with ready now, the one jersey guy Filipino fills actually in Connecticut goes back and forth to Jersey's actually down the jersey shore about two weeks ago. I was talking to him. He was there. I think one of his kids lives down the jersey shore. But Phil's initially from the brick town area over there in ocean county, so he's a jersey boy, but cliff branch you see rod Martin who. Of course. I know you're you're you're young though, do you know who rod Martin is for the raiders the name rings a bell. Okay. It should if you know your Super Bowl history. Rod Morton is the only guy in Super Bowl history with three count them three interceptions. In one game. Intercepted your C three times. Times in the raiders win in nineteen eighty over the Philadelphia Eagles back when jaws and the eagles, and they all thought they had it. But somehow that raiders stick was alive and well back then now the cool thing is that. And I don't know if you knew this did you Davis Mark Davis had? Betrayed Mark on Las Vegas raiders back in nineteen ninety nine. I did not. But I fully believe that the instant that the news broke. It was official raiders come to Vegas. My only thought was Al Davis is dancing in his grave right now. Because this is the most Aldea this move in the history of the Oakland Raiders. And my dad even though he was jets, and I'm I don't know if your dad ever shared.

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