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Stuff, right? Like I can't explain the rest of it to them. You know, and so until we're at a place where we can explain what they're even doing to our normie Friends, I just don't know that we're ready yet. All right, I'll counter it. I think music NFTs fall on a very similar category. Everybody understood art, but many people didn't understand the concept of collecting music. And it took a village of a few thousand collectors to prove other people wrong. And now we're seeing music NFTs as a collectible quote unquote asset class, doing really, really well. And artist, even though it's like 1.25 eth, but they're doing that in raising it on a consistent basis. You have like you have artists like Daniel Allen a real Cragen racking in a 110 eth in a matter of like a few days, you know, for their criteria drop and people starting to understand the value of collectible music, you know? And that took a village. It took a few companies. It took funds betting on entrepreneurs to create the platforms in the primitives to enable that energy. And then it took a bunch of ship posters to tweet music NFTs for it to appear on everybody's timeline to make it seem like something is going on here. That's worth paying attention to. So I don't see why we can't do that with content, why we can't do that with podcasts. I think we can. I think we can, but I think that that's what it's going to take. You know, it's going to take what you just said. It's going to take a village. It's going to take a few funds coming in and investing in podcasts. It's going to take all of those things. And none of that has happened yet. Shows you how early we are. Zoom out. It's still early. So what other things are on top of your mind that you think about as a creator in the web three landscape? Oh man.

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