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An accident working on the right shoulder of North bound to 75 between Ford Road and Ann Arbor Road. Hi Pete Spivak. W J. R traffic and Weather First. This report is sponsored by Big Boy Restaurants. It's a big clucking deal. The new Dolly Chicken sandwich it big boy is big and flavor, mouthwatering hand breaded chicken with pickles and their signature tartar sauce on a buttery brioche bun all paired perfectly with a Pepsi. Try the new Dolly Chicken sandwich. Only a big boy today. 80 degrees this afternoon. A look tonight of 63 any stray showers that do form here for the top of the work of weak will be drifting to the south. And we're in the mid eighties. Tomorrow in upper eighties Wednesday, rain chances going up top of Thursday high of 86 I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore. Loose talk. 7 60 W. J. R. So you want to sell your home? I bet you're worried about just how long that's going to take and maybe worrying if it's going to sell it all. Well, Ella and Aaron had the same thoughts. They contacted Michael Pern and his team to sell their home and no Vai.

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