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Master tech Appel talks to stay with us he does can transmit deadly diseases including Zeca and west Nile virus but summit mosquito don't kill mosquitoes before they're old enough to buy just hold an organic Miskito Duncan ponds rain barrels and any standing water to kill mosquito larva for thirty days or longer Miskito don't harm people fish for wildlife Miskito done are available at fine garden centres hardware stores and online retailers summit responsible solutions dot com hi this is Brian main inviting you to join me along with John for a springtime garden venture to Slovenia Austria and cross our journey starts near the shores of lake nestled in the lower around late is one of the prettiest spots on the planet this is also where jumping off point to explore valleys bursting with wildflowers inside the Julian Alps national park so much more for details in the complete visit garden America dot com for additions dot com over two and a half million airline passengers fly every day in the United States passengers depend on reliable airplanes planes certified aircraft technicians that's where you come in we are the aviation institute of maintenance and we train tomorrow's technicians we train our students hands on with real aircraft develop their skills for real jobs in the industry the bureau of labor statistics reports the average aircraft technician in United States makes over sixty two thousand dollars a year the job opportunities there the money is there if you will work with your hands which we call eight hundred seven two three six two zero with the aim curriculum the schools keeping pace with the demands of the industry tension for growth this is down at the aviation institute of maintenance we train tomorrow's technicians eight hundred seven two nine three six two zero eight hundred seven two nine three six two zero message and data rates may apply please do not text and drive Superbowl doc terms and conditions do you or just someone you know do you ever wake up.

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