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Ramirez with Fox affiliate W. Ttg. Police say the shooting was the result of a gang conflict. Ah search in South Carolina after some tense moments at the state Capitol, competing groups demonstrating in front of the Capitol building in Colombia, marking the five year anniversary of the removal of the Confederate battle flag from statehouse grounds. Members of the State House on guard. Supporters of the emblem showed up Friday morning. Some counter protesters held up signs saying black lives matter. They say a passing driver stopped in the middle of the street. Stock up his middle finger shouted all lives matter at them, then pointed a gun. Fortunately, it ended there. The man drove away. Police are trying to track down the driver Tomur Gotti, Fox nears. There's no easy answer to a question being posed across the country. Should schools reopen, Given the uptick of Corona virus cases in many states, the White House says, Yes. The broad goal is president wants schools Talbot It's essential for the kid's education number one lose a year. There's really no substitute for in person schooling. I think all the experts agree with that, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says. Keeping kids home is also a hardship for working parents who can afford help. On the flip side. Our folks who believe reopening schools could endanger the health of students, teachers. And their families camping. This's news radio K LBJ Now to AKI weather for your radar Weather Watch for today, mostly sunny and hot with a high of 101 overnight tonight clear skies with low of 76 for tomorrow. Partly sunny and hot, with the temperature approaching the record of 106 high 104 for Monday, mostly sunny and hot, with temperature, tying the record of 104 degrees. From the Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Max Gorilla following his paid commercial programming. Third party rankings are no guarantee of future doesn't success working with a highly rated adviser does not ensure that a client or prospected client will experience a high level of performance investment performance is not an explicit criteria because clients investments Gold's different these ratings should not be construed as an endorsement of advisor by any client. Generally rankings are based on information prepared and submitted by the adviser statement saying that we told our clients to be out of the market in 2008 referred to recommendations made by intent WKMG principles while employed an Eagle Strategies LLC team that manages accounts and then W. K M R same individuals with that responsibility at Eagle Strategies and kiddie research

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