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Like was it ninety nine the year twenty four homers and like those chip teams to. I remember yes using in the middle of that parole with benitez and all that stuff. He's a good player. What are you laughing at dave. Just looking at smart geniuses on wikipedia. You are under the list of celebrity guests. Oh and then there's actually there's there's like another version of wikipedia out there right and it's it's describing these sports geniuses tournament and which i was not invited. Aw my numbers. I'll tell you baxter. I'm told us before. I had huge numbers on this show early immediately early controversy. We went my buddy mac win. I went to a we saw. We were back. Then you would go and watch ninety eight eighty ninety nine. You would go and watch the patriots like at the bar. Because you didn't have t- wasn't around you had to go watch on the on the ticket and then fucking pages. On ten o'clock you'd be sitting there and they at the bar. They had these fliers for this thing. Come trial for the show. Like fuck. Why not was in burbank. We went up there. I think i've told the story for. And this is like twelve a center room like different rooms of twelve. I got through to like the final thing. And there's like six of us in in one of the questions. Who's the first black player to play the american league. Larry doby nessa. Larry doby in a couple of the people got the wrong clear. Black guy the woman turned the the black guy. she's like. How did you know that the producer the guy was like Like uncomfortable so i went. Did it had good numbers and was not invited to the championship series. Very upsetting sports geniuses ended. Its run with an invitational tournament featuring the show's biggest winners to compete for a chance to new truck right trips to each of the.

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